Upr Clutch Cable & Quadrant

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  1. I can pretty much nip this one in the bud...

    people will tell you that you should ONLY use OEM clutch cables. One of the shops starting saying this several years ago, and then it just because commonly accepted internet advice. But I've used UPR's clutch cables on several of my cars and I've never had a problem with them.

    Additionally, UPR clutch cables have a Lifetime Guarantee.
  2. Thanks Sharad, and really, people recommend using the OEM Cables? How might this work with adjusting the length of the cable with your aluminum quadrant? Adjust off the firewall adjuster?
  3. There's a reason people say to use OEM cables, it's because OEM ones have a lighter pull thanks to the way they're made, and nobody makes them like the OEM ones. The adjustable cables are the worst. When I went from an adjustable cable back to OEM I thought I was going to stick my foot through the floorboard the first time I stepped on the clutch.

    You get all the adjustability you need out of the firewall adjuster.

    Here's a pic showing the internals of aftermarket cable (top) with OEM (bottom)

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  4. Do it once and do it right. Get the Ford cable with a firewall adjuster and an alum quadrant.
  5. Oh wow, thanks guys. You do learn something new every day! I currently have an aluminum quadrant, but its a single hook. Do you guys recommend upgrading to a dual or triple hook, or keep the single with a firewall adjuster?

    Thanks a lot, right now I have washers on the end of my adjustable. Just not something I want to continue to run, as I can feel the adjustment getting worse, so I think its stretching more and more.
  6. I use the maximum motor sports cable which is the same as ford and the upr click style adjuster. I've have had 3 upr cables leave me stranded

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  7. Just ordered UPR's non adjustable cable, firewall adjuster and 3-set quadrant. Hopefully this will give me a better feel in the pedal, and help my shifting issues.
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  8. good luck bro. good thing they have that warranty.

  9. Thanks!!! I made sure it was a non adjustable cable. OEM style.
  10. I went through 3 non-OEM cables (won't mention the brand), had the car towed twice because of this. The Ford OEM cable still in the car right now. Have the FIORE Micro Click firewall adjuster, best ever invented. Lethal Performance sells the remainder of these.

    Also some of the firewall adjusters come with machine screws. Just throw those away, the heads snap off during installation. Buy stronger screws.
  11. Thanks for the info VibrantRedGt! I am hoping this cable lasts me for some time. The adjustable I have in it now has lasted almost 4 years IIRC.
  12. I don't think UPR's has the OEM-style internals but I'm sure they'll be along soon to clarify.
  13. HuskerNation, let me know how the install goes and how you feel the quality is. They are located around the corner from me, and I've got some stuff from them, but I kept hearing people talk about only using the OEM clutch cables, which has kept me from purchasing one from them.
  14. MFE92, I will take some pictures. Hopefully their quality is better than they use to be. If anything, I buy a FRPP cable. The quadrant and the firewall adjuster are worth the $70.

    SoFlStang, I will let you know. If the cable is cheap looking, it won't even be installed. I guess only time will tell! Should be here Tuesday or Wednesday lol.
  15. I'm not sure it's anything you'd be able to tell from the outside, but if the cable is non-adjustable, chances are you're ahead of the game. As far as you *could* be? Not sure.
  16. THIS !
  17. What I plan on doing is measuring the size of the cable of my current adjustable and measuring the size of the UPR one. If the UPR is not thicker, I don't think I will chance it, and order a FRPP or MM. Anyone know the gauging or thickness of the two cables?
  18. The maximum design is a sn95 style cable and is far superior

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  19. My recent expierences with clutch cables go as this. I had a upr adjustable cable in my daily driver fox with there firewall adjuster, steeda double hook quadrant and tremec 3550 and it last just about a year before snapping. Time was an issue so I put in an Autozome $26 dollar oem size cable and she's been good for about a year now.... On my other fox cable got stretched and figured I'd upgrade the quadrant and cable at the same time so I Ordered a oem cable from maximum motorsports along with there quadrant and firewall adjuster and the cable was too long. Thought it was because it's a fox with a t56 trans but comPared in length to the old cable it was way too long. Called them and they said it's the right one.. I bought another $26 Autozone cable and it fit fine and isn't bad on the foot.

    Not sure how long they'll last but I didn't have time to scree around with venders so I'll deal with my extremely cheap cables when they let go.