Upr Clutch Cable & Quadrant

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  1. they send you a spacer with the kit it's extra long to make the curve far away from the headers

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  2. No I didn't get any spacer and don't remember reading about it in the instructions at all neither
  3. well that is what mine came with , best 160 I spent on the car

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  4. When I called them they said nothing about a spacer and just said I had the right setup after I read the part number and mentioned that maybe it was installer error which it isn't. Not my first clutch install I've owned six foxbodies
  5. The fox cable is tied to the inner fender with a bracket. When you use an SN95 cable on a Foxbody car, you simply don't use the bracket that came with the Foxbody cable. The SN95-length cable goes straight forward out of the firewall over the front of the headers, then down by the engine mount and straight back to the clutch fork. If you try to use the bracket on an SN95 cable, you'll force the cable into two bends it doesn't like. But the length-of-pull is the same on both cables.
  6. This

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  7. I understand that and it makes sense but the mm cable was a good bit longer then stock regardless where the bracket was on the cable sleeve. It was long enough that it would just barely stay hooked to the quadrant and would engage/disengage with full peddle travel.

    It was totally useless and since my fox had a t56 in it must be installer error even though a cheap autozone cable fit fine and measured a good bit shorter then the mm cable.