UPR o/r x-pipe + mac catback= ???

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  1. Well i just installed a upr x pipe tonight and so far i'm kinda undecided. I heard this setup on that cobra (snakebit i believe?) and thought i'd give it a shot. I picked the x pipe used for 125 with mils and it was a local pickup so i couldn't pass it up. I drove the car for only 5-6 miles tonight and my catback is rubbing somewhere and i think is messing with the sound. Idle is slightly louder than catback+stock hpipe, but it screams when you hit the go pedal. There's kinda a 300 rpm rasp zone between 2300 and 2600. It sounds really good before and after that though. I just need to adjust my catback and see if that rubbing will change the sound. Just thought i'd share my experience since there's always exhaust questions.
  2. I had that same set up om my convertible but the fumes with no cats was obnoxious to me.:notnice: So I bought two high flow cats and now im:nice: Just giving you my 2cents.:)
  3. So did yours have that little rasp that i was talking about?
  4. well, X pipes are known to rasp a bit with chambered mufflers, so it may just be something you have to live with. About the rubbing, I have never once done exhaust work on my car and not had to go back and adjust the tail pipes. You're trying to hold them im place while tightening the flange bolts and almost every time they get tweaked just a little bit, and then rubbing ensues... I had my clutch done the other day and the tail pipes were banging on the frame and it boggled my mind bc everything looked straight. damn pain in the @$$
  5. Yeah for real. Well i fixed the rubbing problem but i found why it sounded so bad. I have a leak on one of the xpipe to catback connections. Hopefully i can move it around and get a better connection. Anybody have any tricks for ball and socket leaks?
  6. Yeah mine had that rasp and I loved it.
  7. Yeah the rasp isn't bad, but that damn leak sounds horrible. Hopefully i can fix.