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  1. Some of you may be following my thread here and others may not, I'll fill in all the holes for those of you that have not seen any of my posts before. My car is a relatively new build and is sporting a complete UPR Pro Series Suspension setup. It has made well over 1,500rwhp on the dyno and has recently made a few passes at the track. On our first outing to the track we found out just how well the UPR Pro Series suspension works!
    Wheelie 4.jpg

    Needless to say these are some tough parts! The car went up and back down and the only damage was some banged up headers. The fully chromoly front suspension was unscathed. It was now time to install the UPR Oil Pan Savers!!!
    In about 15 minutes we were able to install these Oil Pan Savers to the bottom of the K member and I'll no longer worry about smashed parts if/when the car goes on the bumper again. These chromoly ski's sport the same powder coat finish that the K member sports and look right at home on the car.
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  2. This is the underside of the car before the Oil Pan savers:
    These are the Oil Pan Savers installed only 15 mins later:
    So whether you have a race car or just a Mustang with some "stance" these are for your. Never again will I be fixing headers after a big wheel stand. Since the install we have started to fine tune the chassis and are getting this 1,500 hp to stick to the ground! Thank you UPR for making incredible products for our cars and for being the leader in Mustang suspension as far as I'm concerned. A special thank you to @Sharad for great customer service and all of your knowledge when it comes to the products that you sell! UPRTTFMF!!!
  3. Looking good!
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  4. Where exactly do they attach at nick? The pic doesn't show it clearly
  5. Whose are "wheelie" nice. :nice:
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  6. It attaches to the rear control arm mount and the rear k member pad. It took longer to put the car on jack stands than to install the skis!
  7. I'll take a few more pictures this weekend Mike
  8. great pic!....i will only be able to imagine looking at the sky like that!...
  9. Maybe those could double as a tie down point for when it is strapped in the trailer? Just curious if that is a possibility. Looks easier to get to than the K-member. Thoughts?
  10. It would make a solid tie down point for sure! I wouldn't hesitate to tie my car down there. I have the tie downs welded on the k member from when I ordered it and use them to strap the car down in the trailer.
  11. Good to know, I just may buy those for that purpose, and who knows maybe someday they will do the job for which they were intended! :rolleyes:

    @Sharad any coupons or discount codes for this product yet? Part # TV-7000-101
  12. Nevermind...............just placed the order.
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  13. Ugh... :doh:

    What hangs lower? The exhaust or the bars?
  14. I know upr makes drag suspension. Would you say this kit reduced your handling?
  15. :D....ya see what I did there.
  16. The exhaust is just about dead level with the bottom of the skis. I could drop the car from the sky and I'm confident that I would be able to drive it away headers and oil pan intact!
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  17. I bet it handles just fine at 150
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  18. Yeah but how well does it corner?

  19. UPR makes products for much more than drag, they offer street and strip parts for your daily driver, your drag car, or your drift machine. There are things on this car that hamper handling worse than any upr part like the 3.5" front wheels lol But seriously check out their site they have all sorts of products for whatever you plan on doing with your ride from just showing it to making it turn - http://www.uprproducts.com/
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  20. Perfectly!