Upr Products Ftw!!

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  1. Serious business up in here!! Nick's car is FLYIN! Nice job @84Ttop

    As far as handling goes, UPR suspension corners well with lowering springs and stiffer shocks and struts.
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  2. we've been north of 190 on UPR front suspension and it handled just fine! haha
    hopefully next weekend we can say north of 200

    @Sharad is your ice T looking ass coming north?
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  3. Lmao^^^
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  4. I'll be there, mah brotha! First trip to MIR for me. I'm looking forward to it!
  5. now thats whats up! we gotta get you and nick to port tobacco one night!

    once youve been to MIR you'll never want to go to another track again!
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  6. I've heard that about MIR. I understand that Jason runs a pretty tight ship. I can't wait.

    I don't know what port tobacco is, but I'm actually gonna be in Md from Weds to Mon, so we should definitely go out one night. I'm sure Mark won't mind, as long as the truck is packed up before I leave. :)
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  7. @srtthis you talkin about ptm?
  8. Damn right!
  9. When y'all gonna be here?
  10. So let me get this straight we got @srtthis @Sharad and @84Ttop all gonna be here in Maryland for the Nmra this weekend?
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  11. thats the plan... as of right now we still dont have a motor
  12. I'll be down on Friday morning. We will have a tent setup in the vendor midway for the shop.
  13. I will hopefully have my car down there ... For the show at least
  14. True street that thing!!!
  15. Very cool. That's a TON of power you are making in that car. Very nice.
  16. Thanks!! Much appreciated!
  17. What are the rules and regulations for true street
  18. damn, sounds like MIR is the place to be!