Upr Products Ftw!!

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  1. You coming or what? I'll bring the pretzels...you bring the mustard ;)
  2. i'm booked this weekend. Maybe ill see if i can free up saturday to run down
  3. you guys setting up together?
  4. Kris and I will have a booth on the midway for All Out. Sharad will be with the UPR Products booth
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  5. Man if I knew this I would have gotten more practice in haha I need practice lets just say that
  6. Should my car be parked between both booths to showcase?
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  7. Solid plan... Let me know how it works out ;) hahaha You better be racing that sucker!
  8. yup!
  9. and we will be some where in the pits lol
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  10. Motor or no motor I'm coming down Saturday to watch...
  11. This is gonna be fun!
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  12. hope you got a boat in tow man! its been raining its ass off up here
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  13. The weather looks good for this weekend.. Not florida good, but maryland good lol
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  14. I wish I was going to MIR. Have fun guys and good luck!
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  15. the weather in alaska looks better then the crap we got right now lol
  16. Derek are you out in your boat right now cus I am I believe we got at least 5 inches of rain and Mir got hit the hardes buddy of mine who lives down the street from them said he got almost 8"
  17. Holy cow! I'm trading in the chute for an anchor and the fire jacket for a life vest!!!
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  18. Will that git you a 7.90?