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  1. Alright, I am fairly new to this whole thing as I got my Stang in September but have been doing lots of shopping and reading lately. I noticed something. UPR Products seems to offer roughly the same product selection at Steeda for a mustang but has no where the reputation. What gives? Bad products, bad customer service, new kid to the block? what is it?

    I am just curious because I want to get some new parts and from what I can tell the specs on say their clutch cables, quick release quadrant and firewall adjuster look good and are a little cheaper than the Steeda. Someone enlighten me please.
  2. I personally have only heard good things about UPR. They have very good prices and quality products as far as I know.
  3. :stupid:

    I am a strong believer in UPR I have bought many a thing from them and still yet to be dissapointed
  4. UPR is notorious for copying other companys products, producing them cheaper in other countries and in turn selling them cheaper. They also dont pay any of the licencing fees to the people they copy. Dont be suprised to see UPR disappear one day and resurface AGAIN under another new name. (they have been doing this for years)

  5. So the blue thunder shifter UPR offers pretty much is the Tri-Ax offered by steeda?
  6. Well, that is the theory. I am a little suspect since I do not see their name in sigs the way I do Pro 5.0 and Triax.
  7. I just recived a UPR Polished fan shroud for my 95, only prob was it was for a 99-03 so now I have to send it back :bang: . Im on a time schdule as well.

    Talk about bringing a thread back from the dead huh :D ahhhh the good ol search button
  8. I actually just bought their Chromally rear drag package. Hopefully it should arrive today.

    I know Mustang92 uses their products and likes everything he has.

    Hopefully my 60's will drop below the 1.8's I've been getting. I think my poly bushings and the rear setup I had was inhibiting me.
  9. Same here... I purchased c/c plates from UPR and I didnt have any problems with them. Good Product, good customer service and good price.
  10. They had several tables with many of their products at Bradenton a couple months ago. I, too, had been quite skeptical, knowing that you typically get what you pay for. I must say that I was impressed with the quality of the stuff I saw.
  11. It's funny how they offer parts at a cheaper price to help out racers and Mustang enthusiasts but get accused of having them made with cheaper materials. Fact is ALOT of companies over charge for their products and UPR doesn't. UPR parts are just as good if not better in some cases that their competition. I've been beating the hell out of their stuff for the past 4 years with zero issues.

    Also the UPR name is here to stay.

  12. I have lots a polshed parts and short throw shifter with cobra emblem knob every thing is great! My only complant is, if somethings on back ordered they dont tell you. I've waited 3 weeks for parts, But on the other hand if it's in stock 2-3 days at door step. And once you buy something they e-mail about disounts. top notch company will use again and again.
  13. Another supporter/user of UPR. They are local to me and never have a problem with service. The Grinch dip**** is just that, a dip****.
  14. I got to see some of their products at WFC this year. A lot of it looked pretty good, but a lot of it looked sub-standard to other manufacturers and the price isn't that much different on a lot of it.

    I try to refrain from doing business with them, because of their copycat tactics. But I did pick up a Bullitt (copy) shifter ball for $15 in their clearance section @ WFC.
  15. I have alot of their billet aluminum interior pieces. I've only had trouble with the cruise control kit. It was a little difficult getting the right side piece in place. But that could've just been me and not the part itself. I also ordered their cai (just replaced it with the whole C&L/Accufab combo) & their fuel door. Excellent parts no problems. Plus their cai did not rust out on me like another well known cai I had :rolleyes:.
  16. In this day and age, who doesn't copy who?

  17. I'd look at the rest of your mods to make sure you bought from the company that first made those parts.
  18. I wonder if there K member and QA1s are comparable , QA1 is actually cheaper through summit even buying parts separate , comes out to about 735 including camber plates , where as the upr is 725 but camber plates are separate . anybody seen both ????
  19. The fit and finish of UPR's Chromoly K-member is superb. They use QA1 springs for their coilovers. I've installed 2
  20. but at least those companies expect that.. such as a K member made by company X sold to company Y with their name on it

    from what I have seen.. UPR takes a product on the market, copies it, and sells it. Pushing out the little guy in some instances.

    ohh, and I have basically no mods on my car so I can't look anywhere :D