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  1. The only performance part I have from them is the X pipe and It is great. I have a bunch of billit too and no complaints. and I have talked to them over the phone to get tracking numbers and stuff and they have always been real friendly also.
  2. I've had good business with UPR Products, even their mil eliminators, which had me worried. But no problems at all, good fit, and still cheap. If it works good, what does it matter if someone is copying. I don't see it as copying, I see it as making it more available for less. Good idea to me.
  3. i stand by upr! great parts, great customer service great prices! i have the tubular k-member,bluethunder shifter,upper and lower control arms,cai and some interior pieces. money well spent!!
  4. If UPR can sell a shifter at a certain price and stay in business so can Steeda.

    Steeda is IMHO way to greedy.They have lost their way. Therefore allowing other companies to edge into the market. I've been down to their shop to buy on multiple occasions and every single time the same jackass sales man with a metrosexual look about him tries to push Steeda's latest gimmick on me and I walk out empty handed.

    I did buy Steeda's Catback (which I am very happy with btw) and mask for my GT. But I didn't try to put the mask on for a few months b/c I was very busy and when I did the damn thing wasn't even designed for an '03 GT. So ebay here I come.

    It's things like high price, horrible customer service, and in general an aire of arrogance that convinced me to take my business elsewhere.
  5. any new news?
  6. I have been running their shifter and X pipe for years now and Love them.
  7. Wholly old thread!

    I have their CC plates and for the money, they cannot be beat. When I decided to spend the money I am getting MM CC plates because my car is going to be an Auto X car soon.

    Stay away from their clutch cable, I had mine snap about a month after installing it though.
  8. so UPR stuff is crap or good?
  9. The suspension pieces are very good for drag racers, I would stay away from their clutch items and go with MM or Steeda or Fiore. But otherwise all they really sell is suspension stuff. Their X pipes are pretty good too.

    Go to the track and I guarantee at least half of the foxes there are running some sort of UPR suspension parts like their K Member or Control Arms...

    What in particular were you looking into buying?
  10. k member, a arms, coilovers, struts and upper/lower rear control arms.

    drag and street use. thanks
  11. Credit Card Scammers!

    I have never had any trouble with UPR till today..

    I received an email flag from my bank for excessive charges. Well there was over $1300.00 worth of charges from UPR ($1330.93 to be exact) In 4 different charges!! I called right away to talk to Jeremy Martorella, which is who I usually deal with. I had just dealt with Jeremy on the 8th of this month, the only authorized charge was for $7.99 to ship me the shock brackets for their rear coilover kit. I admit Jeremy kicks ass in customer service!
    I had ordered the kit before the brackets were included and he hooked me up with only that $7.99 shipping charge!

    Then I look Today, which is 2 days later and bam!! Over $1300.00 in charges I never made!!

    I called UPR right away. Well they said Jeremy wasn't there today and the guy on the phone could not give me any answers! No order info or who made the charges or who accepted the order or invoice info!! All they said was Jeremy would give me a call tomorrow morning!?

    Be careful when ordering with your credit card at UPR!!
  12. I have there "K" member , it is excellent! why .. well 1st the price, 2nd was what i was buying it for: access to my headers, block and such from under the car. 3rd weight shaving. I have MM pretty much everything... but the UPR was lighter than the MM "K"member. and alot less. As far as my experiance with Customer service, well it was great, i order my "K" member and it was at my door in 4 days. I live in CT UPR is in WPB, Florida. Another thing is when i was installing the "K" member its was on a Sunday, i called left a message, thinking that they were going to call me back on Monday, nope a tech was there and called me back.. (SUNDAY)

    I give them 5* for their service... 5* for the quality of the bump steer , "K" member and "A" arms
  13. i have there bump steer kit, its a nice part, i would buy more of there stuff!!
  14. QA1 is made of steel I believe. UPR is made of chromoly, a lighter and stronger material. UPR is better.
  15. their LCA's are a POS!
    i split my bushings in HALF after just 1700 miles of STREET use.

    i have pics if anyone wants to see what they look like now!
  16. i think they are a great company
  17. I apologize for the delay in this response!!

    Jeremy at UPR took care of the situation with in minutes..
    The delay was on my banks behalf..

    I just want to say that next time I will not jump the gun. I honestly reacted with panic do to the amount of money, but it was a simple billing error which was quickly resolved.

    I just wanted to mention to anyone having any doubts about UPR products; Not to!

    Both my Wide and I have been running UPR products for many years and have installed their products on several customer/friends cars with great success and have never had one issue with any of the products.

    Thanks once again Jeremy, and sorry once again for the delay.
  18. UPR Blue thunder shifter, Castor/Camber plates, bump steer, shifter knob...I've been extremely happy with every UPR product I've bought :nice:
  19. i'll be sure to post some pics of my UPR LCA's.

    i'm a big MM fan now! i should have done it right the first time!!!
  20. I have a set of fuel rails, great quality from what I can see, plenty of flow, knock of company or not, if it works, it works