UPR shifter handle broke in half?

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  1. Anyone else had this problem with these? I've seen a lot of it on google, just wondering about you guys. I was driving my wife's fox a few minutes ago, and after a good firm 1-2 shift the knob came off in my hand. The handle broke at the bottom of the threads.

    FWIW, I have a B&M in my 68 on the T5 behind my H/C/I 351w, and I beat the hell out of it. I also beat on my 04 GT from time to time with a Steeda. So this UPR thing broke off in my hand when I was not quite as aggresive.

    Now I have to deal with a mad wife, or steal the B&M handle off my 68 to put on it and hope she doesn't want to drive my 68 before I replace that one..........
  2. Hey, at least it wasn't a control arm!
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  3. They are going to send me another one for free. I have to give props on the customer service, because I really wasn't expecting that.

    It's still funny though!
  4. Don't sweat it. I've seen people break Steeda and Pro-5.0 shifter handles as well. Must have been a little more than a "firm" 1-2 shift. ;)
  5. Making such crappy parts you need to have good customer service or you'll go out of business. That being said, not all their parts are bad, I actually have a lot of UPR suspension stuff on my car lol.
  6. <<<pro 5.0 killer!

    that being said, im pretty sure id break any of them
  7. I cant shift fast enough to break one :(

  8. See Dusty? ^^THIS is why I responded the way I did on facebook. It may sound arrogant, but I'll put my powershifting up against *anyone*. Hammering gears is my specialty. I've owned quite a few UPR short throw shifters and I've never broken one. If I can shift the way I do, or Jeremy at UPR can shift the way he does, and we don't break them, then why are other people breaking them?

    Answer? Because people use more force than necessary to shift. I'm not saying that to be critical. I told you right away that we'd warranty the handle. But the fact is, people like my good buddy srtthis can break ANY shifter you put in front of them. Not because the shifters are inferior, but because the person is applying more force than necessary to shift a gear. (using the product outside its intended use)

    So now, because you posted this on facebook, and who knows how many forums, I'll have to sort through countless ridiculous posts like the two I quoted above...

    Happy Monday!
  9. I should probably add that the UPR shifters will take A LOT of abuse. They are extremely durable. But they are not indestructible. No shifter is.
  10. I have a real lot of UPR stuff on my car mainly because i like the quality and $. Really its plain and simple they make tons of billet stuff for our cars you cant get anywhere else which makes me happy as hell, overall their products are well made and if you break it they will give you a new one. boom!
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  11. You're right, I guess UPR doesnt get it's bad rap around here so much for being inferior quality, but more of being cheaper knock off's of other parts. But I'm not hating, I have nothing bad to say about the quality of the UPR parts I've purchased. I shop at Walmart too.
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  12. Only this one. And I didn't talk bad about UPR. I just asked why it broke and was trying to figure out if was common. I also gave you props on the service. Sorry if I inconvenienced you in some way. Happy Monday!
  13. I also have UPR rear upper and lowers on that car, and some UPR billet stuff inside it and my 04 GT. No problems with any of that. Please don't get defensive about a simple question. I did not bash your company.
  14. It's no inconvenience at all. I apologize for coming off as snippy. I only pointed it out because I think it was you on facebook who said "at first I thought this was gonna get ugly, but then you guys came through with the warranty." I assumed you said that because I started off my facebook response by saying, "I've run 6.47 with the UPR shifter and ... blah blah blah..." I only pointed that out, because I've been doing this job for a long time and I knew your post would draw out ridiculous comments like this one below:

    Good one. Does this look like a Walmart car?

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  15. F... NO! That sucker is nice!!!!!:nice:
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  16. I wasn't being sarcastic....I do shop at Walmart, and I also buy UPR parts, wheres all the animosity coming from? My first post was a joke, I apologize because I know how word of mouth on a forum can give a company a bad name. My second one wasn't... but I still buy from you guys and I like your car...
  17. Sharad should have posted Chris littles car that's out setting records in X275 with bolt on UPR stuff... 1.124 60' out of a turbo car on a radial an people call it "junk"
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  19. I doubt you can break a steeda, we used to hang off of them with a 5 foot cheater bar to test them when I worked there. They are forged as well.
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  20. What size rear tires are you running?