UPR shifter handle broke in half?

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  1. Although ive never broken one personslly, a quick google search tells me that it most certainly is possible.
  2. sounds like a challange lol
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  3. Oh, and I did not say that. That was Billy Hall that said that, and he said it because he was impressed with the service. Go back and re read it.
  4. OMG. Photobucket sucks so bad lately. I'm really beginning to hate that place. Sorry about the broken links guys.

    Anyway, I'm running 275/60-15 M/T ET Street Radials on my Fox.
  5. imageshack FTW
  6. Thanks. I'll have to check that out.
  7. Bah, they're no better. I see more of that damn yellow frog broken links from imagesshack more than all of the others combined.
  8. stole this from corral since it just popped up
  9. It's common knowledge that the Tri-Axe handle is not for gear jammin' drag race monkeys. The Tri-Axe is probably one of the smoothest shifters out there (for the T-5 at least) but the aluminum handle is definitely the weakest link.

    I can't imagine why the tool-bag in the quote above would use a Pro 5.0 lower with a Tri-Axe handle. He's effectively selected the worse two pieces of two great products and put them together. :rolleyes: