Suspension upr torque box reinforcement plates

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  1. Need some help with these things ive got both upper and lower reinforcement plates so i started on the lowers because they are a bit easier to get to for me so my problem is the way i have this box that goes inside the frame rail the hole that is suppposed to align with the exsisting hole for the control arm doesnt line up and ive tried both reinforcement boxes so i guess my question is does anyone have a pic of how they orientated it to get the box to line up?
  2. when i did mine i put the control arm bolts in keep everything in line then drilled the holes and bolted it up
  3. Thats what im saying the hole to put the control arm bolt through to hold the reinforcemebt plate doesnt line up so i mean i put in the pass through hole like they said in the direction thought it was misaligned because of a body plug took the plug out and its still mis aligned
  4. check your torque boxes for alignment. Did you rip out the carpeting? I bet there are some cracks or tears in the floor board.
  5. you tried flipping them around side to side? its been a few years since i did mine so i dont remember exactly what i did
  6. Yeah i tried flipping them between the two left and right yes the car is completely apart including those plugs but it seems like they are a 1/4" to low on both boxes but i can tell that alignment left and right on both is correct its just that both are to low
  7. a guy i work with has a drawing that he made his off of. but hes out today, if you dont have it figured out by monday i'll get that from him and you can measure yours to make sure they didnt get stamped wrong
  8. Thats what im thinking because also the plate side for the upper the curved piece of flat steel one is either not curved enough or the other one is curved to much they both aint the same
  9. you might have to get out a hammer, torch and a drill. we did some of these on my buddies car (bolted them in first, then welded them) and they were a bigger pain in the ass than the wolfe weld in plates and just welding the upper torque boxes we did to my car. that being said, we havent had any problems with either running 1.3 60' times.
  10. I had the same problem on the Hoopty build. Ended up having to drill the hole out on one side and weld the other side to make it work right. Dearch for teh thread and youll see what I did. I think the pics are in there...
  11. Cool thanks i talked to upr they want me to send some pics and they think it may be a bad stamping
  12. Please post an update after our tech guys get back to you. I'd like to make sure this issue gets resolved.
  13. I fixed it i just expanded the hole a tad but it was only on the driver sidr box passenger side fit like a glove oh well all done and fixed now just gonna weld them up and start putting interior back in
  14. I had the same problem, bought my kit from lmr though. I ended up reaming the driver hole and it still didnt fit. I then had to use a bottle jack in the corner of the plate to straighten the box out. Bolted the control arm bolt in and all is well
  15. I took the nut off the lower control arm bolt, put the box in installed the nut, drilled the holes and bolted. No alignment issue.
  16. Thats what my problem was is i couldnt get the bolt to go through so i widened the hole and now its all good