UPR X pipe dyno results

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by beefcake, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. seen some threads on this, so i thought i would post,

    went down to apten / md motorsports yesterday and had my x pipe put on,

    on a stock car sans k&n fipk, the car picked up 11 rwhp

    that was with the stock cat back, dyno runs were made within a half hour of each other

    hope that helps everyone

    also, keep in mind, that is on a motor with only 800 miles, so it is still pretty tight, i've heard these cars make 25-30 more rwhp if you dyno at say 1500 and then redyno at 5000. i'm guessing on a loose motor the pipe might be good for 13-15rwhp

    next week i will do a follow up test with the magnaflow cat back, we will do another "same day" baseline, throw on the magnaflow, and redyno
  2. Good Info...I'd guess you will get another 15rwhp from the catback.\A catted basanni mid pipe only netted me 5rwhp and 8ft lbs..
  3. Damnet...so I am lucky to gain like ~8rwhp from my UPR X on my n/a 97 Slowbie.