Upr's '05-'10 Short Throw Shifter Installed

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  1. Here are some photos we snapped of the short throw shifter installation on our 2006 Mustang GT, featuring UPR's Blu Thunder Billet Shifter:


    The installation instructions are listed here:

    Unbolt the original shifter from underneath the car.

    Move up top to remove the center console so you can pull the shifter out from the top.

    High performance!

    UPR Blu Thunder Billet Shifter vs OEM floppything.

    Install the Blue Thunder Shifter with the long side of the lever toward the driver's side.

    Adjust the stops.

    Attach the handle and the inner boot.

    Reinstall the center console, shifter boot, and your choice of shift knob. We chose the billet ball with the 5-speed pattern.

    DRIVING IMPRESSIONS: This was a good upgrade. The UPR shifter tightens up a lot of the slop which is caused by the soft bushings in the factory shifter, and the shorter throw is much more like I've been accustomed to in my other Mustangs.

    I should also point out that due to the "semi-remote" design of the shifter on these S197s, there is still a slight feeling of vagueness caused by the twisting motion of the drivetrain, but when we installed polyurethane engine mounts on this '06 GT, it made the shifter feel even more precise.

    As is always the case with UPR Products, this shifter is Made in America, it carries a Lifetime Guarantee, and we offer forum members a 10% discount on it.