UPS story...damn them!!

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  1. Ordered some ASP pulleys last month and UPS said they delivered them. They did ...but just not to my house. Had to contact shipper to begin tracking as instructed on their website, and UPS admitted leaving the package at the wrong address and would retrieve it. That was 2 weeks ago! E-mailed shipper for follow-up and they said UPS faxed them several days ago and stated the package had been delivered to me and all was well. NOT!

    Still haven't seen my damn pulleys!:bang:
    I guess I'm going to have to go to the UPS hub and hopefully find the pulleys myself and while I'm there drop off a can of whoop$#@:mad:

    Any others with similiar experiences?
  2. Yeah my father sent me my taillights and they arrived broken so Ups gave me $100 for them after my dad sent them a fake recipt they cost me 15 at the junkyard and my dad 5 to ship them so i made 80...
  3. UPS delivered a box of mine once to the wrong city! I called the place it was delivered to and made arangments to pick it up.
  4. I bought a strut tower brace on Ebay a couple months ago and a fog light switch. UPS (misplaced my package in a terminal in Atlanta, After a good bit of back and forth I called them and asked how they misplace a package. Their rep said that it was the politically correct way to say one of their employes stole it. Took over a month to get a refund. They even sent a rep to my business,(where it was shipped to) to see if anyone had knowledge of it arriving. I don't understand why someone would steal that, I doubt they knew what it was. Lesson learned again. I never ship UPS unless I have to FEDEX is about 30% cheaper and I have never had a problem with them. I have shipped frontends, Convertible frames, fenders, you name it no problems
  5. not a ups problem but i ordered a set of prostreets directly from spintech and they pulled the money from my account on the 21st and just shipped them today. so now i have to wait another week to get them. kind of pissed me off but what can i do
  6. UPS arrived with my cam I had already paid for. The driver says this is a COD delivery you owe 135.00. I say No I already paid for it to the company I got it from. So i refused to pay driver left and I called the company/ He said he was out of stock and had it dropped shipped directly from trickflow. trickflow sent it cod to me.Jdperformace had the cam overnited to me UPS red and it was delivered the next day and at no additional charge to me.
    Wasnt ups fault or jdpeformance. Trickflow screwed up.

  7. There are gearheads who work for fedex and ups who can spot items easily and know what they are. Dont fool yourself.
  8. I don't mess with UPS or Fedex. They treat me well. Both at home and at work. We do a land office business with both of them.

    I love it now that you can use tracking numbers from your computer. No more writing down shipping numbers.

    It may help that my next door neighbor retired from UPS and now works for Fedex, so my Fedex stuff sometimes gets here the night before it's supposed to.

    I seem to know the UPS guys too, since they are always bringing stuff. Used to work out with one of them, and live across the street from two of them. First dude, in Mississippi, was a gearhead from wayback, and their shop union steward.

    If you give them half a chance, they can find and deliver anything. Only prob, is if you need to sign for it and you are not home, but they have easy fixes for that too.

    We live about 3 miles from the UPS shop, so we can pick stuff up there too.

    Tracking stuff that is shipped by another truck carrier, that's a whole 'nother game....
  9. Ups lost two packages.... They said both were delivered, but I was home all day and didn't leave squat.

    I called UPS, but couldn't get anyone on the phone, so I emailed them. Went to the local UPS facility, I just kept bugging them for the next couple of days.

    Finally a reprensative called me back, from the email I sent through their site. Shipper filed a claim, and I will be receiving a refund for $900, actually the shipper will then it will be sent to me.

    Thought I was going to be out of luck, but to my surprise they found in my favor!!!

    ***AND*** they kept telling me the same thing, that my packages were delivered. Just keep on them about it, otherwise they will not do anything.
  10. I don't use UPS if I don't have too. They never deliver to the right house but instead to my neighbor. Its a duplex but common they are labelled.

    Plus they left my gt40 heads in the rain one time un protected and a new DVD player in a puddle. I called them and pointed out that atleast the PO puts them in a bag and that when a govn't run business is out doing you...well... you must suck.

    Last straw came when they tried to charge me after the fact because their overhead costs went up due to the gas hike. I got a bill 3 weeks after I had mailed the package and had paid at a terminal. As far as I'm concerned the transaction was complete.

    I politely told them that if they tried to bill my cc it wouldn't work because I called the CC company and told them to deny further charges from UPS until I lifted it (They have to have permission to charge your account) and then I told them not so politly that they should have raised their prices when gas went up. Like the damn buss companies did.

    I use the PO for most stuff and Fedex for the rest.
  11. UPS jacked up my h-pipe. Summit overnighted me a new one. UPS sent the old one back to my house twice before it finally left for good. No problems with FedEx so far.
  12. I ship parts via postal and ups.I sell alot on ebay. Paypal is set up to electronically pay usps or ups, makes it easy. They never lost anything I have sent out.
  13. UPS completely destroyed my MAC cat-back...

    I called, where I ordered it from, and they had one sent via DHL straight from MAC's warehouse. 50Resto also sent me a pre-paid slip to send the old cat-back back to them so they could take it up with UPS.
  14. I haven't had any of these problems, but I live right next to Mustangs Unlimited so I usually get crap from there.
  15. ups blows a fat one they sent a package of parts worth 300$ from summit to some random house in florida that the completly wrong coast from me i live in freaking oregon it took them 4 weeks to replace my package but i got it next day air and my money refunded.
  16. Guess what showed up at my doorstep pullies finally made it. I'm not sure if ASP just sent replacements or UPS fixed their f-up. But who cares. I got mines!!
  17. Not like yours but...

    One of the ups men that drive down my dads shops street pourposely ran over one of my dogs and killed it and didn't even stop. We know this because we have surveilence cameras all around the shop recording 24/7 and we caught it on tape. He actually swerved into the other lane to hit our dog. Sure you could say what was the dog doing in the street but that doesn't justify what the ups guy did. We had to let her loose to go potty every morning and this time my dad let her loose and didn't watch her for like 5 minutes while he went inside to answer a call. Thats all it took and she was dead, three days after I spent $250 to get her spayed and all her shots.

    We called ups and they sent a representitive to our shop who reviewed the tape and said he would find out who did it and they would be punished , but we never heard anything else from them about it . However the ups guy that normally delivers to us came by asap and told us he was sorry for what happened and wanted us to know it wasn't him and was very helpful with names and times of other drivers that go down our street everyday.

    You know what pisses me off most is that they all FLY down our street doing like 50mph on a 20 mph street, and it could have been a kid, my kid, that ran into the street and if some ups man hit and ran a kid, mine especially i would probably go to prison and that guy would never be found.

    Anyways sorry for the long post but thats my ups story.

  18. What the ****!