[URGENT] Ford Dealer Workers, get in here!

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  1. Hi,

    We recently purchased a VGA Focus ZX3 SE 2005 from the USA. The rebuilt process went well until the inspection. Problem is that the airbag light is always on for some reasons. We found out it was a defective modulator for the seats airbag. We bought a new one and problem is that it's blank, no program in the ECU. The other problem is that there's no seats airbags in Canada in those Focus, so Ford Canada doesn't have the code at all.... Our dealer have no idea what to do with this. So i'm asking you fellow americans how the hell can we solve this ? Is there anyway that Ford USA can contact my Ford dealer and sent him the program for this ? The seats airbags were NEVER deployed btw.. we just need the damn code.

    Thanks ALOT!
  2. yes they should be able to send tehm the program. Just have them contact Detroit. They HAVE to fix this problem
  3. they need to contact the ford tech hotline they can programm the module for you.