USB-Sync music order question help

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  1. maybe one of you can answer this, here is my dilema;

    I don't have NAV or an IPOD, I have all my music on folders on an 8GB usb/flash drive. music plays fine but one problem:

    all of my music is sorted on folders, but there are many folders that have mixed artists/albums etc. when I goto play menu, explore USB (folders), all works great, then I goto an artist/folder and open an album/folder (i'll use pink floyd dark side of the moon as example), when I open that folder/album up, it sorts the music by alphabetical order. It really stinks for albums like this that need to be in order. I've tried puttng numbers in front of each track name and I've even tried letters in front of each track name (A,B,C etc.) but when I open this way it always goes back to the track name in alphabetical order.

    anyone know a way around this problem???

    yes, I can sort in play menu by album and then when opened it plays in the right track order however with a bunch of folders that have tons of mixed artists/tracks, its way too much to scroll to the right album every time.

    any help is much appreciated!
  2. when you are changing the "track name" are you just changing the name of the file or are you changing the metadata for the file? (right click on file, properties, details")
  3. i was just changing the file name in windows.... I didn't know there was another way. i will try the change the metadata and ad a letter or number in front of every track, thanks!
  4. If you have a ton of files to do and want to make it easier, look for a program called you can download a program called TagScanner from here:

    The Ultimate TagScanner: News

    I've been using it for years and am very particular about my MP3 tags. This is much faster than using windows to edit them.
  5. It'd be much easier to just hit the voice button and say "play album Dark Side of the Moon" than changing all your metadata to have track numbers!