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  1. tried to order a set of take off tires and wheels a week ago wed. they say on their website they ship in 1 to 2 days. this morning i went into the customer service area on their website to see when they projected delivery and found they weren't even processed yet.

    i sent them an e-mail which they promptly ignored, tried to call them and got a voice mail. i assume there is no such thing as ninosport anywhere but in someones extra bedroom. sort of like - no real people. i have cancelled my order due to zero customer service. so beware if you deal with these people - no real people i guess unlike places like american muscle who seems to be johnny on the spot with their customers.

  2. I did'nt have a problem when I bought my midpipe from them 6 years ago. :shrug:
  3. I had a real bad experience with them once. Others have had real good experience with them though.
  4. You purposely signed up for an account here to make 1 post that you don't like a company? Wow. I don't see that you are out any money and they didn't send you in circles with lies and guesses, so what's the problem?

    I'm not sure where ninosport is located, but Wednesday, I was buried under 12" of the white stuff, with work, school, mail and package service interupted. Sometimes, you just have to be patient.
  5. With so many aftermarket companies to choose from, I give the company one chance, and if they screw it up I just move onto another company that sells the same thing. Even if their more expensive it's worth it to avoid the headache.
  6. excuse me

    you must forgive me mr, huff dude, i guess i was wrong for trying to give other readers a heads up. being a founding member i suppose that gives you the right to criticize somone trying to help other folks. oh well, thats why i went to viet nam, to guarantee everyone had the right to criticize others.

    for the rest of you, i agree, one chance and i move on. i am personally getting really tired of dealing with people that have no office or shop, just selling out of their bedroom. no customer service, nothing. i really hope i never make any of my customers feel that way. istill subscribe to the customer always being right, even when they are not.

    oi feel that when i am spending a thousand dollars of my hard earned money "i get to make the rules"

    the trouble with this country today is that there are far too many people sitting on their behind, saying "oh dude, thats just the way things are, ya gotta be patient"

    i will be patient when its someone else's money.

    oh mr. huff, by the way i had to "RE-REGISTER" because the website wouldn't recognise my password, i did not register just to complain. although i am free in this country to do just that if i choose.
  7. Agreed. There's a huge difference between posting a personal account and either trolling or spamming. I don't percieve this thread as either of the latter. Just a word to the wary. Some folks have had it with the apathetic attitude(s) of a lot of customer based organizations (I know that I have). Customer responsiveness is really the only thing you can sell these days. There's thousands of places that have, "stuff".

    Will I not shop at nino because of this thread? No. I'll be mindful of it though and be prepared with an expectation. If I get the same response, I'd probably post it and move on to another company.
  8. yup !

    very well said !:hail2:
  9. So, let's get this timeline straight.

    Wednesday- You ordered a set of tires and wheels from Ninosport.

    The following Monday- You hadn't gotten them yet, so you send an email and called them, but did not get a response.

    Monday evening-complain about them on Stangnet


    Two problems here:

    1. If they would have shipped on the SAME day (Wednesday), I doubt you would have gotten them by Monday. Unless you lived exceptionally close to the company, it's just not going to happen. And it's no fault of the company selling the product. I only live a few hundred miles away from American Muscle (best shipping and customer service in the country), and I get stuff I ordered from them exactly 3 days later, in the late afternoon because of where I live on the UPS route.

    You said it yourself, their website says they ship in 1 to 2 days. So unless you placed your order early on Wednesday, AND they receive and process orders on the same, you are looking at them shipping it out on Thursday or Friday AT BEST. 3 days minimum on shipping, and you're looking at at least the middle of this week before they got to you, under perfect circumstances. Because wheels and tires are a large and heavy order, it would not be illogical to me that it took an extra day or two on top of that.

    However, you said that they hadn't even been processed as of Monday, and that is of good reason to be upset. This brings me to the 2nd problem.

    2. You haven't given them any time to help you or explain what the hold up is. You emailed them, and complained when they didn't email you back on the same day. Depending on time zones and when you sent the email, they may have already closed for the day. And remember that half the country has had a snow storm the last week.

    You said you called and got a voicemail. Did you leave a message so they could contact you? I remember calling American Muscle the day after Christmas a couple of years ago (even though the website said they were closed) about some incorrect parts they shipped to me. I didn't get anyone, left a message, and someone called me back a few hours later (after 5) to see how they could help me. After confirming the order and error, the rep I spoke with said they would next-day ship the correct parts first thing the next morning, along with a return shipping label for the incorrect parts, all free of charge. If I hadn't had left a message, and it was my first time ordering with them, I wouldn't have seen how good their service actually was, and it probably would have left a bad taste in my mouth for them in the future. Very similar to the way you feel about Ninosport right now.

    Don't think I'm sticking up for the company. In cases like this, I side with the customer 95% of the time, because the customer is always right. But sometimes, you just have to give the company a chance to help you.

  10. I took that as a week prior to last wednesday which would have been the 26th of Jan?
  11. In that case, I'd completely reverse my current stance on this. :D
  12. When I've ordered tires and rims in the past I don't pay any attention to their claims of 3 days, or whatever they say. It takes about 10 days everytime for me before the stuff is at my door (UPS). I'm pretty patient. After 14 days then I would wonder about it if I had'nt gotten it yet. After 3 weeks then I'd call the company and see what's up (and never use them again).
  13. It sucks for you being in Seattle and almost all of the mustang companies are on the west coast with the exception of Late Model Resto in Texas which still would take at least 5 days probably to get to you.
  14. Hello everyone. I'm here to help explain the situation that occured with rodeo1. All the facts rodeo1 stated in his first post are correct. He did place and order for wheels and tires last Wednesday and our site does give the expectation that the items would ship within 2 days. Under normal cicumstances, these items would have shipped on time, but the warehouse these items were shipping out of is located in Indiana and all shipments were delayed due to winter storm. And, unfortunately, due to our internet service provider having connectivity issues on Monday, we were literally disconnected from our business all day, including our phone service which is voice-over-IP. I understand rodeo1's frustration and his perception of our company as being unresponsive. I would probably feel the same way. These technical and weather issues happen from time to time and we do our best to deal with them. Once we were back online we reached out to rodeo1 with an explanation of what had occured.

    Rodeo1, I regret that your first impression of Ninosport was like this. I can assure you that there are real people working here and we appreciate all the support that StangNet members have given us since 2003. Sir, I wish you well and if there is anything I can help you with in the future, please don't hesitate to call me.

  15. Nino is a good guy (member of his mustang exhaust forum since like 2005 or something)

    Chicago and Indiana indeed did have a storm that shut down things for like 2 days.

    Give them another try :hail2:

  16. Nino is a stand up guy thats been part of the mustang community for years with very positive reputation. Rodeo, you should be ashamed of jumping to conclusions like that without considering the weather thats gripped 75% of this country, even as far south as Texas.
  17. I wouldn't go that far. He had every reason to be upset and deserved an explanation. The fact that Ninosport came on SN with an explanation of the situation is great! However, that doesn't take away from not hearing from the company on the status of his order.

    I think we can all agree that the situation was unavoidable from Ninosport's point of view. I would hope that the OP wouldn't hold this situation against Ninosport as it was completely unavoidable since the network issues prevented them from reaching out to waiting customers.

    Keep in mind that I am in no way placing blame on Ninosport because they had no way of filling orders and no way to reach out to the customers. With that said, it remains unfair to tell someone they should be ashamed for jumping to conclusions.
  18. thanks guys

    thanks to those who supported me with this, i was only voicing my opinion of what i percieved as a problem. the guy from nino had the guts to explain and i accept that, and will probably give them another shot in the future.

    i have been in the car business for many years, probably more than many of you have been alive. when i take one of your mustangs to do custom paint or mods. i tell you when you can expect to be able to come and pick it up. many of you have show deadlines to meet and need to know that.

    sometimes it gets pretty bad when jobbers don't meet their deadlines, it makes my company look bad, and makes my customers very angry at me, because like nino, i won't place the blame on my jobbers, i am 100% responsible.

    in my generation "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT" and that is why i do so well in business. just a short time ago i took an 06 GT in to do a lemans stripe for him, he wanted the cheapest way so we ordered a set of stripes from the graphics co. in florida, (i won't say their name so i dont have to "be ashamed of myself" i got the front done and went to the back, thats when i found they had sent me a kit for a 6 cyl. flat type spoiler. i called them and they put all the blame on me for ordering the wrong kit.

    even though i had the order in front of me, printed by THEM showing we ordered the right kit. if i was willing to pay "more money" they would make it right. so, in the spirit of taking care of "MY" customer, we ordered the paint, spent an entire day measuring the car out and masking the stripes out, and painted them on the car.

    10 times more expensive at my own expense. but i have one really happy customer. i won't even go into the problems we have had with blue oval. so if i try and tell you about someone, please don't think i'm being a butthead, i am only giving you a heads up. remember i said use caution, i did not say stay away from them (now, had it been blue oval)

    rodeo 1
  19. I think this whole thing is pretty ironic seeing I was going through my Favorites today to see which ones to delete and low and behold Ninosport doesn't exist anymore. This is not the only Mustang parts company to go under so maybe others don't but I sure appreciate a heads up if someone isn't having a good experience because A. Most of the parts are expensive an we work hard for the money to buy them and B. in todays business world I will pay a little more for someone with a good reputation and customer service.
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