Used 2012 5.0 gremlins

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  1. I recently purchased a used 2012 5.0 BBP 6M CP BU/SEC 373 with 152 miles on the clock. :nice: Great car but it has been a gremlin machine as well. After the second trip to the dealer for the LCA creaking/squeaking issue the car has developed a burning oil smell after the first oil change at 1062 miles. I have spent hours looking for a leak or spill and I have had the dealer look as well. No evidence of a leak can be found but the smell is strong. I believe it emanates from the PCV or crankcase breather or the oil filler cap gasket. The smell is up high in the engine bay around the heads. I know the 5.0 is very unforgiving of overfilled oil and I have checked the levels several times. I switched the car over to Mobile 1 5w20 w/ a Mobile 1 filter. I cannot find any information on this issue. I have also speculated the Mobile 1 may have adversely affected a seal somewhere but I am just guessing here. Has anyone else experienced this issue with the new 5.0s? Thanks.
  2. negative, sounds live the person that bought it new was prob experiencing similar problems and didn't want to deal with it
  3. Hi unimorpheus,

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the almost-new 'Stang! Please PM me with your VIN, contact information, mileage, & servicing dealer name/state so I can help get rid of those gremlins. :)

  4. I have seen small leaks on the 5.0's passenger side by one of the decorative cover bolts towards front of motor, check there even pull covers off.
  5. Are there any oil spots under the car where you park it? If not, the only thing I can think of is either some kind of seal is bad, or maybe some oil was spilled somewhere around the engine or on the exhaust where it is hard to see.

    And no, Mobil 1 would not be the cause of a seal going bad on a new car. Many of us use Mobil 1. I plan to with the first oil change.
  6. Well I had to take advantage of the Ford road side assistance last night. The vehicle would not start after being driven 30 miles without incident.:mad: When the tow arrived we jumpstarted the vehicle and noticed the electrical was not stable as the vehicle lights were flickering when the accelerator was depressed. At this point we agreed the vehicle should be towed back to Fritts Ford. I will be contacting Ford to find out what my options are. I want OUT of this vehicle. I should have stayed with my original plan to order a NEW Mustang and wait the two months for delivery.:(
  7. Did you see a carfax report or anything like that when you bought the car? With all the issues, it sounds like something very bad had to have happened to it at some point. I can't believe it came off the assembly line like that.
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  14. I think we may have licked the final gremlins. Fritts Ford replaced the battery, the cause of the no start and I purchased a new oil filler cap and have not had the oil smell all evening. The battery probably died from being deep discharged as the original owner only put 80 miles on it in 3 months of ownership.

    Prior to purchasing this car I was ready to order a new stang that would have been nearly identical to this car. The only thing I would have added were the HIDs but looking at how they don't fit with the front end styling I like the standard headlights better. I probably would have ordered the 401a grabber blue as well but the 400a is very nice and also traditional in design. Besides for $30,000 even plus TT&L I could not beat that anywhere.
  15. I'm wondering about that whole "Anti-theft/keyless device/alarm removed" entry in the carfax. Just wonder if someone boogered up the electronics when that was done.
  16. glad you got good news today, guess you'll see in the near future :nice:
  17. i was thinking the same thing
  18. Stang has been in the garage all week but I did take it to San Diego last weekend for drill weekend and speed week at NASNI. No problems at all. Finally acting like a new car. For the hell of it I test drove a GT/CS. Anyone who says the Brembo is just wheels and tires is nuts.:rlaugh:
  19. Well that's all they are to me :shrug: I'm actually looking forward to having to get new tires so I can justify putting some chrome wheels on her. Just can't bring myself to do it with all the rubber on the tires still. So i'll wait until I need new ones because I'll prob be opting to go with 20R/35/xxx