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  1. Hello I currently own a 93 coupe 5.0 but am thinking of selling to get my hands on an 99-02 Cobra and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. Seems i remember some question about the IRS being no good on one of these year models. Also, what is the difference in the engines thru those years? What can I expect to pay for one w/ 50 to 60 thousand miles on it. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I believe you will only find either 99 or 01. If you can afford it look for an 03 worth the extra bucks, not that you wouldn't be happy with either of the others. 99 had HP overrated but ford provide a warranty fix just make sure it was done. I believe both had 320 HP at the flywheel.
  3. The IRS is great for what it was made for. If you want to drag race, I would recommend either beefing up the IRS or swapping it out. There are some differences between the '99 & the '01s (they weren't made in '02). Add on what I forgot, but here are some of the differences:
    99s needed the "fix", but if it got it, then can be stronger than an '01 (bc of the porting). 99 had regular GT rear bumper cover. Seats in the '01 are better.

    As far as price, it is all over the place. I am selling mine and when I was researching similar cobras, the prices range from 14K - 20K. No consistency what so ever.
  4. K u said 03 is worth the extra bucks from the 01 what makes it worth that? Is it because of supercharger? or is that only on the 04 model? And can you elaborate on the porting of a 99 vs an 01 thanks for all the help.
  5. 03 Cobras are selling for $30,000 here in Colorado Springs. I got my 01 with 29,200 miles on it for $19,600. There was also a 98 selling for $18,500 with 44,000 miles.
    A lot depends on where you live. And we're in the sports car season now. If you live in a snowy state, Nov - Feb/Mar would be a good time to get one.
    The supercharger is what separates the 03/04 from the 99/01, but they are a lot more money.
    I'm not sure if the 99 had a six disc in dash changer, I know the 01 does.
    I like all Cobra's so to me you can't go wrong with any of them, good luck :D
  6. How much you want to spend? I'll be selling my 99 in the future and live in Keller.
  7. Thanks for the info cobrag around here in Texas it looks like about 15,500 for a 01 with anywhere from 38 to 40thousand miles on it. Or an 99 for about $13,000 w/ about70-80thousand miles on it. Someone plz answer the question about the 99 porting vs the 01 without and i promise i'll leave yall alone.
  8. It's more than just the supercharger on the 03/04. You also get a cast iron block, forged crankshaft, and Manley H-beam connecting rods. The bottom end on the 03/04's is very stout.

  9. Txsnakecharmer I am looking to spend between 13 to 15 thousand and want a black exterior hard top. By the looks of your avatar yours is a vert.
  10. The IRS was weaker on the 99 Cobra, it has a 28 spline, the 01 has a 31 spline.
    The "fix" on the 99 should have been done, you can call a Ford lot with the vin # and they can tell you if it's had the "fix" or not. If not, they should still do it for you, but make sure they will.
    Some 99's are putting out pretty good #'s though after the fix.
    I hope this answers your ?'s if you have anymore, please don't hesitate to ask, this is a pretty good board for answering ?'s and I'll try to answer em for you too.

  11. not sure

    Not sure how prices are where you are, but I think a low milage 99 will run you around $15-16K or so and a low milage 01 will run you about $18-19K. I looked for 6 months before I found my 99 with 36,000 on it and paid $16,000. I may have overpayed a tad, but it was a 1 owner, bone stock and I was being picky about the color. The IRS - hop is not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. If you want a drag car I can see where it would suck bigtime, but for autox or the occasional street run it's great. Upgrade the rear shocks, throw a IRS brace on and it only gets better. Handles great!
  12. I know what you mean about the wheel hop, it's not to bad, just figure out a good launch RPM, I launched one time around 3500 and it was bouncing all over the place (first time at 1/4 with the Cobra).
    I like the IRS though myself, no plans on getting rid of it.
    Those prices sound about what they are here in Colorado.

    Hey, how do you like the MagnaFlows on there? Catback or just the mufflers? Any sotp gain after install?
  13. Best ever

    Those mufflers are the best sounded exhaust I have ever had on a Stang. My 88 had Dynomax Ultraflows on it and my 99GT had MAC flowpaths on it.
    I got just the mufflers after reading this:
    Dyno proven 20hp and 20lbft of torque from JUST THE MUFFERS! That sold me. Got a great sounding exhaust and some good seat of the pants power all for about $225 installed. That left me with the cash to do my intake too. I got rear shocks to firm up the rear and will be adding the 03 Cobra brace soon. Right now I am eyeing up the MGW shifter though for my next mod :hail2:

    As far as differences go... the seats are alot nicer in the 01s too. They were just outside of my pricerange though and I ended up with a great 99.
  14. Holy Crap!!! Put my car up for sale over there!!! I only want $16k for mine :D

    As far as "The Fix"... Ford recalled all the '99s and ported the intake, replaced the cat-back and reflashed the computer. It brought most stock '99s up to the 265 - 275 rwhp range.
  15. I know what you mean, I always say that when people ask about prices. A lot depends on where you live.
    You'd sell your Cobra here in the Springs in no time I bet :D
  16. :stupid:

    I would have purchased an 03/04 .. xcept I got my eye on the 07 Shelby(~early 08) and would be reluctant to sell. Therefore I chose to purchase an 01. It's awesome & I got her for $18.5k w/16k mi. Good Luck!
  17. thanks for all your help everyone. I thought "the fix" was the IRS now I understand it was a underrated hp thing. I'll keep yall updated on what i get. it should be in the next two or three weeks here. Thanks Again!
  18. If your looking for an 01 cobra your better off getting a Mach 1

    Otherwise look at an 03/04 Cobra
    Way better!!
  19. Well just so you know, there was no 2002 Cobra. And hte 2000 Cobra, was hte Cobra R. So your only options are a 99 or 01 Cobra. Or 03,04 and the new 07 Shelby.