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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by darthcual, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. I'm sorry I should have done more research before starting this thread so we'll have to start over. Its actually the 97-98 Cobra that I am interested in. That is the body style I fell in love with. Keep in mind that Having alot of horsepower is not my main goal. So what do you think about these year models? Thanks.
  2. I like that body style as well, I had a 97 GT, I loved that body style, more rounded. It's a great car too imo. Either way, I don't see how you can go wrong with a Cobra. :cheers:
  3. Interested in a 98?
  4. I'm selling my 1999 Cobra Black with Dark Parchment interior. Has 87,000 miles and runs, drives, and looks sweet. I put a MAC Prochamber O/R X pipe, MGW Short throw shifter, Pro-Kit springs, 15% tint all around, and new falcon tires if interested.............. I'm in St. Paul, MN. $13,600 obo just thought i would throw that out.
  5. I think they are great cars. I just got my 97 and it's awesome. Not much low end power but it really gets going after 5,000 RPMS where the 5.0 is the opposite. After driving that car for a couple weeks then driving my 5.0, it's a better ride in every way except low end torque.
  6. *SIGH* the low end is not that good? I was under the impression that the cobra 'read SVT' was an awesome vehicle all around. Now i know i sed that performance wasnt my main goal, however if i'm spending 15500 dollarsigns for a car it better be a better performing machine.

  7. Look no further than my Rio Red 97 I have for sale. Im asking 13.5k. I have solid axle so no snapping of halfshafts, and I also have the 03/04 Cast iron block with Manley I-beams and JE flat top pistons. Motor has 8K. Here's a link.
    Oh yea Im in Houston, too!

    99s&01s dont look the greatest IMO. Hell they gave the V6s those year Cobra hoods in 03/04. The 99s say MUSTANG on the bumper. The IRS they put in those things was for handling purposes only, not for off the line launches. But then again Im more biased because I have a 97 :D
  8. Sorry to disappoint David but if you read what i'm looking for again it says black exterior. I might take a white if i found the right car but no red. Sorry :(