Used Exhaust Bad Idea

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Should I buy it?

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  1. I just want to get your opinions on buying a used exhaust. I found a seller of a Pypes axle back, and I will be going to see and hopefully purchase it this weekend. The exhaust has 10k miles on it and is supposedly in great condition. If its in good condition, is there any reason that I should opt to buy new if this one is cheaper?
  2. They are a glorified muffler delete, so unless they are physically damaged there is nothing bad about buying them used. There isn't anything in there to wear out.
  3. Nope! Jus baught a used flowmaster outlaw axel in mint for $275. Guy said it was on for a week and was to loud for him. Gave reciept and everything that came with it. Temp exhaust till i buy full catback. Sounds bad ass though for now.
  4. No reason not to. Go for it.
  5. Just finished the install and they are mean sounding. I had no idea that this exhaust was going to be that loud haha. I had a huge smile on my face when I first turned the key. It got quite a bit of drone under load around 18-- to 2500 rpms, but its not something you cant live with. First time I've had people stop me and tell me the car sounds great. I bought the exhaust in perfect condition for $225 and install was a sinch. I highly suggest buying this exhaust.
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