Used GT500's with 4,000 miles for $36k... what has the world come to?

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by fox1x, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Very easy to see since its still 3 years old and really wasn't a low production car. It funny that GT500 people have come to terms that cars depreciate over time but guys with 03/04 Cobras that have 30k miles on them are still trying to get 25k out of their car. LOL

    The fact that the 2010s are coming out and are a lot nicer and better cars help lower the price too.
  2. yeah but even when the 03 cobra was 5 years old people were askign 25-30k for a low mileage car which at the time was the price of a new loaded gt....which in turn was the first year for the gt500 and dealers were asking 20k over msrp. :)
  3. 14 year old car though.....
  4. It's still a Ferrari :shrug:
  5. And how much do the oil changes and 15,000 mile service cost on that ferrari? I was quoted $5000 for a 15,000 mile service on one and $1200 for an oil change. This is from the ferrari dealership in Alpharetta, GA on Alpharetta Hwy. You might be familiar with them KRAW.

    To add to this thread, there is a GT500 with 2700 miles on it on Ebay with a BIN of $35,200.
  6. My dads 512m was about 5k for the service. 1200 for an oil change is lame, we do that our selves. The service though u have to pull the motor
  7. Buy in now price for $35,xxx isn't bad at all. Especially with that mileage.