Used Trick Flow parts for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by xherdlr, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. ===Used Trick Flow parts for sale ALL PARTS SOLD

    Im getting out of the game. Im selling the performance parts off of my car and putting the car back to stock and selling it.


    I have a used Trick Flow top end kit for sale. It has less than 15k miles. Will come with everything but cam and timing chain. $1500

    Bassani stainless steel x pipe with cats $300

    Pa Performance 130 amp alternator $150

    Ford Racing Aluminum Drive shaft $150

    Mark VIII electric fan $65

    Anderson Ford (Pro m)75mm mass air meter calibrated for #24 injectors $175

    Ford Racing #24 injectors $150

    2003 10th Anniversary Cobra wheels No tires $400

    All parts on still on car and can be seen running. I will separate the TF top end kit. Parts will be coming off within the next couple of weeks.
  2. Part number on the heads?
  3. Ill get you a part number later this evening. But the heads are Street Heat version that comes with the Street Heat Top End Kit. Im at work, have to go home and look at receipt.
  4. I have a used Trick Flow top end kit for sale $1500 i'll give ya 1300 for it on budget PFC in eth marine corp doesn't make much :(
  5. You pay grade G1? Pm me we'll talk:flag:
  6. How much for the heads, roller rockers,, upper and lower intake, mass air and injectors shipped to 72830? and how much without the intake? Will the bolts be with it for the intake and heads?
  7. PM sent
  8. u still have the tfs top end kit
  9. if you still have the topend kit pm me
  10. pm sent
  11. Post updated....Everything must go!
  12. Heads and wheels sold, pending payment....
  13. what intake is it and how much shipped to 78041
  14. Street heat intake powdercoaded black...$250 shipped
  15. Heads are SOLD
  16. is the intake still available?
  17. Driveshaft is sold...

    PMs replied...
  18. Pics of intake.. Sale is only for intake upper/lower. All parts that need transfered over to my stock intake. Throttle body,egr, sensors and water hoses.. You get all bolts and a pack of extra upper to lower gaskets.

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    View attachment 225636
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