useful gauges for a 2.3t

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  1. Hello. I have an 88 turbo coupe and i was wondering what would be some useful guages to have? Is an aftermarket boost guage better then stock? And would an aftermarket oil presure guage be better then stock? And while on the subject, does anyone know if a gauge pod is made for the turbo coupe, or if any white faced guages are avalible? Thanks
  2. aftermarkets are Usually more accurate but not always, a boost gauge, and a Air/fuel ratio Gauge (this one is Debateable) no need for all kinda of extra gauges in a stock TC. The stock ones work well enough to get by.

  3. Definitly an oil pressure guage.... Boost guage if you'd like, but I hear the stock guage is fine.... Red_Lx actually has the white faced guages in his turbocoupe, as well as a dual pillar pod with white faced guages
  4. Pods

    Ther isn't exactly a pod made for the turbocoupe BUT the one from a 94 up Stang will fit perfectly :D That's what I have in mine . I learned this info from or NATOweb for short. National Association of Turbocoupe Owners. An air/fuel guage I think is usefull and certainly an oil press guage as the electric ones in the car can sometimes be inacurate. I also use an aftermarket boost guage that goes to 30lbs boost but that's because I sometimes use more than the factory 18lbs boost that's shown on thier guage.
  5. Well, bob, it doesn't fit "exactly" but it's close. The only complaint I have about it in mine is the 1/4" or so wide strip on the pillar that the pod doesn't cover near the door.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if they're all "essential" gauges but in my TC I have boost and water temp gauges on the pillar, and I'm going to have oil pressure, oil temperature, and a voltmeter gauge in the center console (where the factory EQ used to be). My factory voltmeter gauge doesn't move and never has, I don't trust the stock oil pressure gauge, and it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the oil temp (especially on a turbo engine).
  6. get a boost guage at the least, the stock boost guages suck. and well they don't exactly have individual markings. my stock guage is pegged way past 18 when the autometer says 16psi. Air fuel guages, are basically pretty, not really useful. an EGT guage and a Fuel Pressure guage are good guages to have. oil pressure is nice also.
  7. How is an air/fuel guage "pretty".... I got one for my swap so I know when I am running lean....
  8. I think an EGT gauge is a wise investment and have both an a/f and EGT side by side in my AC vent on my project car.

    When the car is at WOT, and the a/f guage is no longer giving a reading, you can watch the EGT guage to make sure the temp is where it's supposed to be so that the car is still in a stoich range. I think it is good insurance since a turbo car ends up being floored so often.
  9. I thought that since everything always gets power, and you tap the signal wire from the O2 sensor itself that it should always readout... I thought the sensor always gives out a signal which I would pick up on the a/f guage, but the computer just ignores it at WOT
  10. When the car is at WOT, and the a/f guage reads rich because that's what the
    sensor sends off to the computer. You can't tune WOT that way, that's why
    people get an EGT. A/F gauges are useful for reading idle and cruise conditions.

    Though I wonder sometimes. I can see a difference when I turn up my fuel
    pressure on my A/F gauge at WOT. I wouldn't tune it that wat though.
  11. yeah Cruzn, you are right. It's more like tuning insurance and more info.
  12. Well I will be running flowed injectors, plenty of fuel pressure, and I'm hoping it will be fine, I just want to be able to see, especially at WOT if I all of a sudden go very lean.... Something could happen, plus it should make the interior look cool at night. =)
  13. thats why you get a fuel pressure guage. the only way your going to go lean, is if suddenly your boost sky rockets, or your fuel pressure drops off. one of them can be seen on a boost guage, the other on the fuel pressure guage. if the car is in tune, then the guages just show when bad **** is happening.
  14. I've got a boost, A/F, Oil Pressure and Water Temp (my stock water temp is is all messed up, and for like $10 extra bucks I could just get an aftermarket gauge) I have not installed them yet, but I think I am set....