User's rides, contact info, etc...

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  1. [email protected]/88' and 92' black hatches,
    88' slowly dying and moving on to donor heaven/searching for elusive Canadian Turbo...../Ontario Canada.
  2. 87-2.3-LX/1987 Notchback 2.3L 5speed+78 [email protected][email protected] (MSNM)
  3. Well after reading and responding to the post, I got a little interested. I whipped up a quick form that is not yet working.

    Let me know what you guys think. I could make it so when submitted, it would display the info in a nice, neat format. I can host this on my website which is on my own home computer for better flexibility.

    Please let me know if it sucks or if I should add/change anything. Give me your ideas!
  4. -mustang93LX

    -1993 Mustang Hatchback Electric Current Red in color

    [email protected] : email
  5. Dan'[email protected]/89 waiting for attention/91 work beater/92 window van/95scort wgn/32 Willy's overland-done someday/84 honda nighthawk s(80hp)+many more projects begging for my time/ Wisconsin Rust Belt
  6. freinds RS | My lx | My RS
    sorry about the size, I will fondle it mor ewhitha different program when I gots a chance