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  1. chaka / [email protected] / 460 79 Mustang / Carbed 2.3T waiting for rebuild and new body / Boston,MA
  2. Blackstang8/[email protected]/88' and 92' black hatches,
    88' slowly dying and moving on to donor heaven/searching for elusive Canadian Turbo...../Ontario Canada.
  3. Well after reading and responding to the post, I got a little interested. I whipped up a quick form that is not yet working.

    Let me know what you guys think. I could make it so when submitted, it would display the info in a nice, neat format. I can host this on my website which is on my own home computer for better flexibility.

    Please let me know if it sucks or if I should add/change anything. Give me your ideas!
  4. -mustang93LX

    -1993 Mustang Hatchback Electric Current Red in color

    [email protected] : email
  5. gibson89LX / [email protected] / 89 4 cyl hatch |turbo as of august 02| / Cleveland OH
  6. Dan'l/[email protected]/89 waiting for attention/91 work beater/92 window van/95scort wgn/32 Willy's overland-done someday/84 honda nighthawk s(80hp)+many more projects begging for my time/ Wisconsin Rust Belt
  7. TurboFlush / [email protected] / see signature (updated more).

    Many parts for the Mustang waiting to go in, including new EFI turbo. 1.8 (now 2.0i) Sierra is going to be imported to the states. 2.0 Sierra will be sold soon. 1.6 Escort will be sold in the future along with 71 Kawasaki. If you are interested in the escort or Kawasaki let me know. Check the site for more!!!!!!
  8. freinds RS | My lx | My RS
    sorry about the size, I will fondle it mor ewhitha different program when I gots a chance