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  1. SerpentFever/ [email protected] / 88 2.3L gray notch, 93 2.3L white hatch/ Eagleville, TN
  2. 88sloconv, [email protected] as the name says, 1988 red LX convertible with the 2.3/auto. Las Vegas, NV

    I've done the airbox thing, and just pulled the restrictor tubes out of the silencer (between the airbox and T/B). It was easy, and looks stock to the environazis. I plan other mods, I just don't know what yet.
  3. Bill, [email protected]
    '85 Merkur XR4Ti
    .30 over block, stock lower
    '93 ranger cam
    '88 turbocoupe VAM/with custom routed 9" K&N conical filter
    '88 turbocoupe T-5 swap w/mustang driveshaft
    turbocoupe processor
    homemade boost control valve
    3" exhaust from downpipe all the way back/with a warlock muffler
    Mods in progress:
    turbocoupe intercooler
    fuel pump
    and more after that I'm sure
  4. legan racing/ [email protected]/ Currently own: 2002 V6 Mustang, 2000 Ranger V6 XLT, 1989 Mustang LX 4 cyl(awaiting V8 swap) Previous rides: 1995 Thunderbird LX V8 425 Horse street sleeper, 1987 Mustang 5.0 cop car (which I cut up for parts) 2000 Contour 2.5L 5-speed, 88 5.0L Crown Vic

  5. my 93lx coupe
  6. Kyle from Charlotte NC/ 2.3 1991 mustang lx notch back. custom cold air intake, euro tails, gt turbine wheels.
  7. Noah/New Hampshire/88 LX 2.3l t, 5 speed, efi /85 GT 5.0,5 speed,carb/ [email protected]
  8. Wade / Webpage link active / 2002 V6 FSS / 84 MCR SVO / 2004.5 GT just waiting to be ordered.
  9. charlie aka "ex-stater"/ [email protected]/ 1985 Mustang LX 2.3 n/a/ wilsonville, oregon/ web-pages in signature
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  11. 92-93lxsrule [email protected] red 92lx vert auto 2.3 70k miles
    wanting 93coupe/hatch with 5spd
  12. Brian aka Asha'man / [email protected] / 1992 Bright Red 2.3L five-speed hatchback, black interior / Denver, CO

  13. I'll play!

    ib_steed / [email protected] (PM me first) / / San Jose, California / 1975 Red Mustang II 2.3L (N/A) Hatchback (going through a turbo swap)

    I have full access to Independence High School's auto shop (Dad teaches it) and all their tools, if anyone in the area needs any help or wants to come use the tools, give me a PM and ill see what i can do...