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  1. Had it a month now. Working on some decent 2.3 N/A performance

    Hope the pic works. First test.


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  2. Chris/[email protected]

    1993 LX Hatchback, teal, 114000 miles
    - TC rear sway bar

    Sitting in shop, waiting to be assembled:
    86 SVO engine with a claimed 60,000 miles.

    Mods for it:
    - Volvo front-mount intercooler
    - LA2 computer
    - Big VAM
    - new distributor
    - new water and oil pump
    - all new gaskets and valve stem seals
    - beck/arnley clutch
    - walbro 255lph fuel pump
    - kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    - turbo XS type H BOV and boost regulator
    - 3" exhaust
  3. Dallas Wilm
    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

    1988 Ford Mustang LX
    2.3L 4 Bangher
    Naturally Aspirated
  4. hey my name is dan i have a 1993 mustang lx blue....

    dropped inch and a half with eibach pro kit
    fenderwell cold air intake
    17 inch whtie cobra rs
  5. Oh, i'm working on getting a digital camera, so i'll have a webpage up soon for my car. My Mystery Science Theater 3000 review page is at:
  6. Lx89Stang05 / [email protected] / Smoke Metallic 89Lx 2.3 turbo swap / S.E Mass.

    89' Mustang Lx 2.3T 5spd,Smoke Metallic
    Engine Mods:
    2.3 Turbo Merkur Motor, Garrett T3 Turbo [email protected], .60 Trim Compressor .63 A/R Turbine, Fully Ported And Polished Head, 35 lb/hr Injectors, Gutted Upper Intake, Ported and Knifed Lower Intake, K&N Filter, Cold Air Intake, Stock Forged Pistons, Adjustable Boost Valve, LA3 ECM, Big VAM, A/C Delete, Removed Air Box and Silencer,Bailey Evo BOV.
    Exhuast Mods:
    2.5" Dual 2 Chamber Flowmasters 40's, Ported E6 Exhaust Manifold, SVO Y-Pipe, 2.5" Down Pipe No Cats, 2.5 SS Tail Pipes

    Suspension/Body/Interior Mods:
    94' Cobra springs, Rear GT Sway Bar, 88' Ranger Air Dam, 15" Hand Polished American Racing Rims, GT Spoiler, GT Escort seats, Boost Guage
    In The Works:
    Supercoupe Intercooler,5spd Trans., 8.8' Rear End, 3.90 grears
    Future Mods:
    Rods Header, 17" Cobra R Rims, pro5.0 Short Throw Sifter. SVO Brakes, Brake Ducts, Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, Kirban Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Cam, Adjustable Cam Pulley.
  7. Can't remember if I'm a part of this

    Taryn, [email protected] (lol add me if you have MSN), I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, I will hopefully have a webpage soon, I'll post er up when it's done. :nice:

    I drive a 93 hatchback, mostly stock except for removed air snorkel thingy, 3G alternator upgrade, dual exhaust with Dynomax SuperTurbo mufflers, and a bunch of looks/stereo stuff. There's pics of it all over SN, let me know if you want me post em again. ;)
  8. SN mr_woodster /real name: Jarrod/msn:[email protected] aim:infamouswoodster, feel free to add me..if you dare :) / 1987 lx hatch 2.3 n/a / Location: Southern California (you know, that place where the sun goes when you get winter ;) )

    Waiting for install(completion)

    '86 turbo coupe motor, rebuilt bottom end/bearings seals
    2 core volve inner cooler (custom mount in progress)
    Big Vam
    Oversized valves 1.89intake 1.59 exhuast
    P&P head (D for now)
    Nitrous Works 50-175 wet kit
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump
    Ported E6
    Gutted, polished upper and lower intake
    Roller cam/rockers
    K&N open filter
    ===================saving for after swap
    -adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    -blow off valve
    -boost controller
    -rpm nitrous switch
    -110 octane race gas, and a night out on the town saying eeello to a few friends.
  9. does anyone know where i can get the whole front and hood for a 79 cobra?
    I have a 73 351 and 79 Cobra GT
  10. MSM0075 / [email protected] / 1982 T-Top GT 5.0, 1993 LX Hatch 2.3L N/A Auto(FOR SALE), 1988 2.3L N/A Hatch awaiting Turbo Swap in just a few weeks ;) / Central Jersey
  11. Update:

    84 SVO 2A was totaled in a near fatal head-on in sep 03. I'm fixed, car just could not be.

    New list: 1984 Mustang SVO IE, 1986 SVO 2R (Restomod project) 1986 SVO 2A Daily Driver and the good ole 2002 V6 I should have been driving when I got hit. *lol*

  12. Alex [email protected] . I just got my stang in February of this year so I haven't done everything I wanted, but I own a 90 2.3L LX N/A Hatch, Red in color. I hope to have pics this summer once I do some more work on it :D
  13. 89 LX hatch. Burgendy
  14. Rice Eatr / 84' GT Turbo - few mods / 03' Cobra - few mods
  15. 88 lx Hatchback, daily driver a mostly stock 2.3. Working on a Volvo 16v dohc 2.3 for her:hail2: 89 5.0 coupe that is on her way out :( but its a 5.0 who needs it anyways! Live in nothern Maine, email is [email protected]
  16. What do you have to do to make that volvo DOHC work on a 2.3?
  17. Tony, aka, babybudistmonk. Email: [email protected] 93' 2.3L Convertible, silver, rust free, very nice ride. I also have a 79' that has had a lot of work done to it, will have a 351 and be very light weight!