Using Rtv To Make A Gasket.

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  1. GM these days has a lot of products that look like a
  2. The new Vette ain't no joke.
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  3. For 70k it better not be. I was referring to the Volt, Camaro, and other cars that like to catch fire and not stop.
  4. I was just saying.

    Saw one of those things getting on the interstate a few days ago. Couldn't stop looking at it.

    I like the Volt too.
    Makes a Prius look like the dork mobile that it truly is.

    You can have a Camaro.

    But you Cannot have a Yellow Jacket SRT8 Challenger.

    That would be my choice if I was gonna spend new car money.
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  5. If I remember correctly, in was taught in shop class.
  6. The price keeps me from using it.
  7. Why do you think they had to come up a gasket maker to help fix all the recalls? Haha
  8. I've made a few upper intake gaskets in the past. I used gasket paper and this spray on red goo. The spray on goo sprays like spray paint and stays tacky. I spray it on the intake manifold and then press the gasket paper onto the intake with my hands. When I lift it off, the goo transfers to the paper and I have perfect lines to cut with a razor blade. I believe I got both the paper and the goo at the parts store. Has worked great when I've needed a gasket in a pinch. Never had an issue with leaks.
  9. I never had any luck with the big bead of silicone. It seals initially, but within 20,000 miles it starts to leak again. I always use the rubber seals.