Using The 2013 Automatic Selectshift Transmission

When using the SST, are you adjusting to it, tuning it, or ignoring it?

  • Adjusting—I want to use what I have, and the SST works fine

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  • Tuning—I want to optimize the use of the SST

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  • Ignoring—if I wanted to change my own gears, I would have bought a manual

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Oct 7, 2003
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If you are ignoring the SST on your 2013 auto, this post isn't for you. While there have been a few threads here regarding whether to get the SelectShift Transmission (SST) or the manual transmission (MT), I haven't found one yet concerning varying strategies, shift points, and uses of the SST. I would like to get a thread going for any passers by as well as an informative space for using or adjusting to the SST.

When I first used the SST, I realized how slow it was. I would want to shift at 6000 RPM, and it didn't actually shift until red line, which was not my intention. I thought I read somewhere that the SST has an adaptive strategy, but it didn't seem to catch on to what I was doing, so either that is a farce or it is not very intelligent. So, I got a BAMA tune, because I had read that the way it responds can be adjusted. Either BAMA didn't adjust it or it can't be adjusted, because the 1-2 shift is still terribly slow.

So, what strategies are you employing when using the SST? Are you (1) timing your shifts early knowing that it has a time delay, or (2) are you using a tuner? If you are timing your shifts early, how early? 500 RPMs? 1000 RPMs? If you are using a tuner, are you tuning it yourself or are you using a custom tune from a professional, and what parameters might you want others to know to make use of themselves?

For now, I like the idea of the SST, but I am awaiting a response from BAMA to see if they can further adjust the responsiveness. I don't want to wait for it; I want it to shift precisely when I tell it to.
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Dec 23, 2015
I spoke with BAMA today, and they tell me that they have no control over the SelectShift responsiveness. So, in my case, I'll have no choice but to either adjust to it or ignore it.
The selectshift will never be a manual but I found that when you let off the gas before upshifting then blipping the throttle when it's in gear that it eliminates the delay, it also creates backfire in your exhaust too. I find the thing fun as hell honestly and would rate the system a strong 8/10. I own a 2014 V6 auto.
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That sucks thank you, Bama. VMP significantly adjusted the shift speed and firmness on my '14, even with standard line pressure settings. I use it for backroad duty, where manual selection and holding gears helps. Straight line stuff, it's just stick it S and let it do it for itself. No real difference I can detect between D and S, other than it won't let the trans shift into OD and the downshift strategy is a lot more aggressive in S.
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