V-6 Eleanor Grill & Lights

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  1. Is there any where a person can get a set of Eleanor lights and grill for a V-6. I know you can get the GT style but I am looking for the ones that set close together.

  2. like this?

  3. Yes like that

    Yes like that .... but probably not for a V-6
  4. yep, i got that pic from afixer. glad he could link you to the article directly. :nice:
  5. That looks awsome
  6. Here's one

    I found this link as I'm currently looking also for a new grill.

    Hope this helps. . .
  7. Pantera72, what's your side emblem?
  8. p72,

    Thats one sweet looking stang! :nice:
  9. It was a 245. I've since taken it off the side and relocated it to the grill. ;)

    View attachment 382236

    Thanks, but those pics were outdated as of last saturday lol. Here she is with the tail-panel painted, the moss slotted tail-light covers added, and the 3d carbon v6 chin spoiler added.

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