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  1. does anyone know the right part # for a 2.8 v-6, manual trans starter motor? O'Rielly's and autozone have the wrong one or I have a rash of miss boxed starters in my area.
    any help @ all would be great
  2. No idea on the part #'s, but what they are probably giving you are 83-85 Ranger/Bronco II 2.8 starters. They look the same, but the length of the cone and the throw length are slightly different...
  3. Well I have a couple V6 starters. Not sure if they are Auto or manual Trans starters. Quite possibly Auto starters but I can't recall there being much difference. One of the starters appears to be a reman and doesn't have any numbers on it at all. It does look to be the exact same as the one I do have numbers for. Here they are--

    Starter body p/n - D4ZF-11001-AB
    Starter Cone p/n - D4ZF-11131-AA

    There might be more V6 starters and more likely a 4 speed starter over at my dad's place where I parted out several IIs. Next time I get over there I'll rummage through the starter shelves and see what other numbers I can dig up.:nice:
  4. The Car Quest number for a 1975 V6 manual is ZWE 3151
  5. V-6 Starter on '75

    After reading the post, I am still wondering if anyone came up with a part number. I installed the 3151 from O'Reilly's and the teeth are not catching the flywheel.

    How do I find the right part? I turned in the original starter for a core a while back. Help!

    1965 Coupe and 1975 Mustang II Ghia
  6. 75 or 76 started

    You originally asked for the starter for a 1976 2.8 V6 manual transmission.
    I responded with the Car Quest number for a 1975 2.8 with 4 speed manual.
    I believe they should be the same. I purchased my 75 new in 1975 and no modifications were made. I did a total rebuild 3 years ago and replaced the starter with the ZWE 3151 part from Car Quest. No problems with it at all.

    According to the 1976 MVMA specifications form the starter in the 171 4 speed was model 11001 D6EF-AA. The flywheel should have 138 teeth. If it has 135 teeth it is from a 4 cyl. If it has 141 teeth it is from a 302 V8.
  7. 1975 Mustang II

    I guess I should have been a bit more specific. This post was the only one I could find somewhat related.

    For clarification:

    I didn't do the original posting.

    I have a 1975 Mustang II Ghia. It has a V-6 2.8L with a C4 automatic. I believe everything is original. I pulled it from a junk yard about 3 years ago where it had been sitting for about 16/17 years.

    I had the motor rebuilt, the transmission rebuilt and I'm putting everything back together. Oh, and I didn't even change the flywheel. I took the starter to Checkers (before O'Reilly) and changed it out. I had the new one in the car and decided to see if I could turn the engine over. (not quite finished with water system yet) Well, when I hooked up the battery and put some power to the starter it just sits and spins.

    After reading this post I thought I might be able to find a way to find the right starter. The one I have is labeled as a rebuild 3151. It's the one that O'Reilly has listed. It fits the installation perfect. It just doesn't grab the flywheel.

    Any help would be great.


    1965 Mustang Coupe and 1975 Mustang II Ghia
  8. 75 Starter

    This url gives the specs for 1975

    Mustang II Network - 1975 Mustang MVMA - Electrical - Supply System

    Looks like the original Ford P/N is D4ZF-11001-AA for the 302.

    That being said, you may just have a simple problem. You say the starter just spins. This may be due to the fact that it is not extending at all. You need to check it out and see if you have a problem with the solenoid or a poor ground so that you aren't getting the jolt you need to kick the bendix out. Check out your wiring.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.
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