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  1. Maybe I shouldn't post this until I've tested it out, but... Since used 03/04 Cobra superchargers are selling for so cheap; I've been toying with the idea of picking one up, and then fabricating a sheet metal intake to go between the stock lower intake and the supercharger. Has anyone tried this yet? What do you think? Let me know,

  2. It's been done by some people. The only way I have heard was done by making a plate that bolted from the lower intake and then to the supercharger, but the plate has to be kinda tall because it must clear the hoses and fuel lines. It does NOT fit under the stock hood, in fact you need at least a 2 1/2" cowl if I remember right. Only other option is fabbing an entire lower intake with coolant passages and fuel rail and injector holes. http://www.newage-tuning.com is going that route, but the prototype is still being worked on, dyno results should be in by next month. Lilroush on www.v6power.net did it. "An adaptor "box" is how I'm running mine right now, until I get that other lower figured out. It allowed me to use the EGR and not mess with coolant lines.
    It did lift the entire thing a little high though. It wouldn't fit under a stock hood.

    The full lower is a better idea."
  3. I agree that the full lower is a better idea, but there is a lot more involved to make it work. And I figured a cowl would be needed, but I'm hoping it will fit under a 00 Cobra R hood (it's my wife's car, and that's the hood she likes). Then there is the issue of making sure that there is enough belt wrap... regardless, it should be fun
  4. So how much would it add hp wise?
  5. prolly bout 50-60rwhp on your cars :shrug: , it's a decent blower but not a after market procharger or kenne bell
  6. Of course the aftermarket ones are better but it's all about the $$$.
  7. new age tuning will never have their kit on the market. they have been coming out with the kit soon for about 2 years or so now.

    the M112 will add about 120rwhp or more to the 3.8 if done right. hell a procharger 11 psi kit adds 100hp

    TMX post pics of your adapter box for the M112 blower. what injectors are you using and what other upgrades have you done to use the M112

    edit sorry TMX you were quoting Lilroush

    i have seen pics of his and doubt it works. in his pics there is too little belt wrap around the blower pulley. he was involved with New Age Tuning but i think he went separate ways with them. V6Sprout on V6power has an M112 setup but i have never seen pics of his

    here is a link to Lilroush and his supposed setup

    i questioned the belt wrap and he said that the pic was the New Age kit but didn't post a pic of his kit but the pic was of his car and his intention was to post the pic for people to assume that it was his working kit. i don't believe it is a running kit
  8. No, he redid the belt so it has MUCH more grip on the newage kit. And yeah, that pic is his setup with the adapter from what it looks to me. Dyno on it should be by next month. I wouldn't mind putting a KB on a 3.8 though, oh that would be exciting. Plus that is about 180 degrees (maybe 150-170ish) and I wouldn't plan on 6000 rpms. If it all works, I wouldn't mind testing it out, got 2 stangs and I would keep all stock parts. Plus I know shops, mechanics and whatnot so if I wanted to custom something, move something and adjust the belts, I could. I think the main reason I would want a twin screw on a '00 3.8 is because you just don't see them.
  9. When you say you can get them for cheap, whats the prices you found? I been thinking about it myself
  10. I saw some from anywhere from $150-500.
  11. the fabbing makes it not worth it, might as well look for a kit designed for your car
  12. :bs:

    you wont even see that much at the engine on a proper setup car let alone a v6
  13. At 11psi, you ought to see a 100 hp boost from a 99+ V6. If 160 rwhp is stock, then 11psi would boost you to 279-280 rwhp-ish under 11psi of boost with 14.7 psi of atmospheric pressure. With the inefficiencies and ect, it might only be 230-250 but still, that is about 70-90 rwhp.
  14. i got 100rwhp gain just from the addition of my 11 psi procharger.

    dyno'd 122rwhp with duals,3.73's and 1.8's

    dyno'd 227rwhp/267ftlbs with just the 11 psi kit on stock 14lb injectors. apparently you don't have alot of experience with the essex 3.8
    here is the dyno sheet after procharging it with no tune and just 14lb injectors and Procharger FMU,stock MAF. not a very proper setup and picked up 100rwhp. and wow it's a V6 too
  15. 232 speaks the truth......procharger kicks a$$

    If it matters, my HP was about the same as 232's, but I dyno'd at 365 rwtq..........impressed the heck out of me
  16. Nice tq curve :rlaugh:

    And I wonder how long those stock engines will last.
  17. I put the procharger on at 45,000 miles. I rolled over 100,000 miles last month........
  18. torque curve isn't that bad at all and is typical of a Cent blower setup unlike a pool table flat roots torque curve. and don't forget that dyno was without any tuning efforts

    my engine lasted 40,000 miles without a tune at 11psi. the 3.8's are very stout engines. properly tuned 11+ psi on an internally stock 3.8 will last just as long as a factory stock setup N/A car

    Justin at www.vmptuning.com has ran 17psi in an internally stock 3.8 and runs no less that 14 psi on his TT setup and has been running that car for about a year now with the same setup

    learn alittle more about the 3.8 and cent blower power curves before you make another uneducated post
  19. M112 on my 3.8.....

    Everyone who's wanted to bolt a M112 S/C on their 3.8, the time has come! Tom at supersixmotorsports.com has come out with an adapter. My engine is currently being finished up at his Georgia shop and I should have it Feb of '08. He's a hell of a nice guy to work with and his work is second to none! Granted some of you may feel that putting an additional 125 hp on a '96 Windstar is nuts but I always raced before breaking my neck 22 years ago when I raced, restored and unfortunately sold my 428 CJ Mach 1's. That was long before the prices went through the roof and a van was more sensible than the car...hind sight!

    Check with Tom and look at his web site where you'll find pics of the engines.

    Here's a picture of my engine in mock up stage only.

    Good luck,


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