V1-SC Install but no boost!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by manny, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. ok here it go's

    stock bottem end and topend
    stock 19pound Injectors
    stock TB
    msd cap,rotor and coil
    stock pullys
    bbk shorty headers
    bbk off road X-pip
    and the flows
    vortech v-1sc (6psi)

    now when I drove to work this morning as soon as started it up the vac was at 20 and I know with vortech supercharger you need spin it up for the boost to kick in so I left it in drive and toke it to 2500 rpm and jumped on it and I saw 0 boost

    let me know if you need more info I'll try and post pic's of where I put the boost tube at.
  2. Hmmmm.... I gotta say that I don't see a whole lot of information about the install but it appears you're not running a bypass of any kind so I'll not beat on that horse for now.

    Have you check your TPS? Perhaps your TB is not opening quickly enough and causeing your motor to "suck" air past the throttle blades.

    Pull codes and see if it (by chance) throws one for TPS out of range.
  3. ok here is the kit [​IMG][/IMG][​IMG] this is it in the car
  4. that hose running from throttle body down..where do u have that going to?
  5. witch the one going over the left of the EGR spacer
  6. a 6# kit might not create any boost at 2500rpm... gotta take a little higher there. I would change the injectors before I did if i were you though
  7. He doesn't need to change injectors. 19s are fine for that kit. He does have an fmu.
  8. Is the SC belt tight? I mean TIGHT!
    Also, where do you have the sender for the boost gauge mounted?
  9. I have the boost tube in the vac line from the under the intake to the charkol canister(sorry for the spelling)
  10. yes
  11. its the coolant lines that go in the EGR spacer their is a copper that connects to the othere line from the back so that way no coolant will get in the motor.
  12. whats the little tube next to the hose
  13. where the one in front or on the right
  14. yes..the one to the right of the egr coolant line on tb
  15. is it possible the gauge is messede up
  16. thats were the line for the coolant used to go

    and I dont think the gauge is messede up its bran new
  17. check belt tension as mentioned
  18. I dont think its the belt cause its hard as a rock I need to know if the boost tube is where its so post to be
  19. A couple points

    - I would run the boost guage line to a different line personally because the charcoal canister line doesn't seem to be closed off or closed circuit (someone correct me if im wrong). I would "T" into the line for the fuel Pressure Regulator, EGR (where mine is), or your FMU line since you KNOW that needs boost to work and this will verify your FMU is seeing boost via the boost gauge (My personal opinion). Stick a T in the FMU line you just ran and there you go.

    -You need to spin the SC-Trim over 3,500rpms to get any boost with stock pulleys. What did you spin it up to?

    -I have my 6-rib belt torqued to 60 lbs/in with a 2.87" pulley with 0 belt slip so as long as its as tight as your accessory belt or tighter, you'll be fine.

    Hope this helps.
  20. Belt should be tight but don't get all crazy tightening it or you will hurt the blower bearings. tight as accessory belt or a little tighter