V1-SC Install but no boost!

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  1. yes its a F-150 block I think it was 4 bolt main
  2. I would get a 80mm Pro-M mass air meter and a set of 42# injectors for that combo. You can use this on your stock engine setup along with your new engine setup. 42# injectors should be good to around 475rwhp with no problems which isn't far off for what your new engine should be making.
  3. I think it's a 2 bolt main block.
  4. dont remeber but at lest its new
  5. 475whp :jaw: I know thats not a big number for some but holy shat that would be sweet
  6. With Trickflow heads, good intake, good cam and a pullied SC-Trim, 450rwhp should NOT be a problem at all!!

    I made 405rwhp with a stock cam, stock ported heads, 2-1/4" exhaust, and not even maxxing out my SC-Trim.
  7. thats to cool how hard is it to change the blower pully
  8. not hard at all. Take the nut/screw off, pull the pulley and put the new one on. Might need some type of puller but you might not. I did it 3 years ago so I forget how I did it.

    If I were to do it again, I would spend the extra money and get a 7" crank pulley instead to avoid losing the Vortech warrenty and maintain a good amount of belt wrap on the supercharger pulley. Some have problems with belt slip while I have never had a problem. I got 10psi at 6,000rpms everytime I take it up that high.
  9. cool man thanks for your help today Im going to go home and try out all you told me

    will the 7" crank pully make some more boost
  10. Yes it will but if it's Vortech's pulley it is 8" while under driving your accessories with 4.5" pulley
  11. here something else can you run under drive pullies because I know I cant use the crank pully
  12. I don't have much knowledge on the crank pulleys so hopefully blackcloud can help. I believe Vortech's website has a calculator to determine impeller speed based on pulleys and rpms which is a big help on picking what pulley setup to go with. Between this chart and the max speed of the SC-Trim (53,000rpms off the top of my head, could be wrong, its also on vortechs website), you can figure out the pulley setup you want to avoid over spinning the blower.
  13. I have heard you can't use underdrives but again, no experience with this so i'm no help.
  14. You are subject to the pullies supplied by Vortech or company like March due to the fact that the crank pulley is a double pulley (one for blower and one for accessories). So you can't run conventional underdrive pulley because it is a single pulley which only would run accessories.
  15. ok no problem was just wondering like I this was a big help thanks now Im going to have so fun :nice:
  16. OK I installed the T fiting last night in with the FMU line and I saw 1 pound I didnt see the RPM I was doing 70mph and droped it down a gear but the othere cars were coming up damn 2.73's :bang: will a gear change help the boost come on sooner.
  17. also now I am going to order the UPR power pip,80mm Pro meter and maby a 75mm TB now when I change to the 75mm TB do I need to change the EGR spacer and also with the 80mm Pro meter will I have to change the Injectors and ECU,the ECU is from a 91 GT and the Injectors are new
  18. You might not be able to fit your rubber connector on the 75mm throttle body. I have a 70mm t/b and it was TIGHT!!!!!!! any bigger O.D and it would never go on. Might have to get a reducer/enlarger style connector for the throttle body to discharge tube connection.

    Yes, get a matching 75mm EGR Spacer.

    The 80mm Pro-M meter and Fuel Injectors you buy together (unless you plan on staying with stock 19# injectors). If you change one, you HAVE TO change the other. I would pick up a set of 42# and get my meter calibrated for that so you won't have to do it again.

    Do you have any tuners that could help you out with this?? I would recommend a dyno tune to make sure everything is in order. Because of this, I would even save up some more money and get everything you want before spending the cash to get tuned (smaller supercharger pulley, etc).

    *** Also you will need to change your FMU disk inside of the FMU for 42# injectors. I believe Vortech sells these. If you have a tuner, he might suggest using a bleeder valve instead or getting rid of it completely and burning a chip. I would find this out before putting your injectors and Pro-M meter in.
  19. Agreed. However, before you start throwing more parts at it I would figure out what is going on. Put the thing in first gear or second gear and run it to 5500 rpm ..... How much boost did it read?
  20. ok I ask this performance shop near me cause the are a dealer and installer for vortech I ask them and see what they say.