V1-SC Install but no boost!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by manny, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. I'll give it a try and see were I'm at and go from there cause I know how to shift my AOD so thats no problem and I sure you mean WOT and I'll let you all know were it sits.
  2. I think TunedIn brought the topic back on track.. thanks :rlaugh:

    You should see around 4-5psi around 5,000-5,500 rpms, don't be afraid to mash the pedal!!!
  3. Exactly. Put the thing in "D" and leave it. Put your foot to the floor and take it near the limiter. Then see what you got.
  4. Im not just dont want to hert it thats all
  5. Turn up the fuel pressure a little more then stomp on it. As long as timing is at 10* and your are using premium gas. That kit doesn't come with a BTM because it's not needed.
  6. ok its better to run rich then lean :nice:
  7. Yes..it's just to see what psi you get up to and will be safe
  8. I've put my stock 130k mile shortblock through the following.

    Overheated 3 times
    Ran about 10 min with antifreeze in the oil
    Ran the car without oil for 30 seconds
    Roughly 470 horsepower
    A couple over revs from miss shifts
    10psi of boost
    Numerous Dyno Pulls

    And the ****er still runs..

    Go out there and beat the snot out of her!!! With the FMU and under 5 psi, you should have ZERO problems!! Vortech intentially sets it up so you run about 10:1 and 11:1 a/f ratio. Don't be afraid!!!! :nice:
  9. ok I will hell if it go's witch it wont but if it dose thats a good time to build my mean motor :nice:
  10. That's my mentality. My headgasket went for the 3rd time so now my 331 is on the way. What an expensive hobby were in. Not to mention all of these mustangs are money pits. I have over 3 times the money in my car than I paid for it :bang: .
  11. expensive hobby yes but its all having and make something,something you can stand back a say thats mine I build it
  12. One of the only reasons I dump my money into it. I spend all of my free time playing around with it and fixing things. Keeps me busy and happy to spend $2,000 here, $5,000 there. There's something wrong with us Mustang Guys :rlaugh:
  13. lol it's the chevy guys that got it bad spending ever dime trying to out do a littile 302 now thats bad :rlaugh:
  14. didnt read the whole post but DO not hook up the boost guage to the fuel pressure regulator vac line.... the boost guage is sort of a vacuum leak, the FPR needs to have a god vac signal...
  15. I hooked up my hand vacuum pump to my boost guage before installation and it held 30 in of Vacuum all day long. Is there something I'm missing??
  16. ok guys the other day I toke it to 5500 RPM and I saw like 3 or 4 pounds and when I shift it this sucker broke lose at 30mph and yes it was a dry day that never happen before but is that PSI about right for what the setup is right now
  17. depending upon what year f150 that block is for.. it would be the same block in your mustang.. which is not a 4 bolt main.. its just a 2 bolt
  18. yep. your good to go! Also your stock tach may be off if you going by that. Mine is off a good 300-400 rpm at 6,000.
  19. really than its a good thing I got auto meter's 5" tach