1. Anyone else's v3 chatter like a bunch of squirrels when ideling?
  2. yup. its normal.
  3. Really that's normal? Now i'm not going to get a SC.
  4. They all make some noise sitting at idle, that is perfectly normal. If it is making more of a slapping sound you may need to tighten the belt some more. Also, some engines with larger more radical cams can exacerbate the noise that the blower makes ( mine is a good example of this ). If you think the V3's are loud then I won't even mention the old straight cut gear T trims that you could hear coming from a mile out. lol
    If it's something you're worried about post up a video for us to take a look at.
  5. Mine has an e-cam and it sounds like I have a bad idler pulley at idle. very little whistle which I really like - completely low key. vortech says it is gear backlash noise, and some folks on the interwebz say it gets whistley-er as it breaks in.
  6. You should have heard my old A trim. Straight cut gears. Pulleyed that sucker up to almost 10lb. LOVED it
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  7. That's how I'd describe mine but I'll keep an ear out for da slappin
  8. Put a smaller pulley on it. That will spin it faster then it will whistle more at idle. And,,, it'll make more boost.;)
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  9. You didn't hear the following from me...

    If you change the blower pulley, you void the warranty. If you change the crank pulley you don't... Food for thought
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  10. Very true about the warranty. Put an 8" crank on it and let er fly! Its better to do it that way(better belt wrap) less likely to slip. Seriously though. I remember when my old sc-trim was new it sounded like a can full of rocks at idle. It wasn't too long it sounded better with a nice smooth whistle.
    However, only a month into owning the blower I upgraded the stock 6 rib pulley settup (voiding the warranty) to an 8rib 3.33/6.87 kit, and discharge tube with bypass valve.
    Went from 4 to 7 psi, then a 3.12" pulley @9psi,,,, then 2.95"@11psi,,,,, :nice:
    Yep I had the fever. LOL
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  11. My Vortech V-1 S-Trim was the best idling blower ever. It didn't have a grinding noise at all, just buzzed loud the entire time. We put a V-3 on a buddy's FOX and I thought he forgot to put the oil line on. Nope, that was the stock sound.

    Can always go turbo.
  12. Twin Screws and Eatons sound pretty groovy at idle too.
  13. Agreed! The V-1's are the BEST sounding idling blowers ever! I used to love that old SC-trim "singing like a birdy" on my SSC.

    I'm currently sporting the Novi1000 on my vert. I has to be the quietest blower on the market. Hardly makes a sound.
  14. My a trim sounds like a cat got sucked in i love it !
  15. What was the power difference between the 4 and 7 psi? I don't believe I'm going to get a new pulley today, I called to sched a tune and they couldn't get me in until Sept so I have a little time I guess.
  16. Thats my problem, too. Cant get a tune before winter. I would like to figure out a way to tune this crap myself. Its the only thing holding me back from getting a HCI package and some fat injectors, then cranking the boost and :poo:ting parts of 302 blocks all over the streets of anchorage.
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  17. Roughly- every # of boost is about 10hp
  18. September? wow, where do you live? We could get it tune tomorrow at my buddy's shop here in Dallas GA.
    Anyway, It's been a few years but I remember it made 312rwhp right out of the box at 4psi. Seems like it went to 336rwhp at 7psi. That stock intake was killin it.
    I later swapped to a ported Saleen/Vortech intake and a smaller 3.12" pulley and it jumped to 405rwhp.
    Later I installed a 2.95" pulley, powerpipe and a few other minor things and it finally hit 441 rwhp.
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  19. Outside of Dallas, TX actually. The shop that's gonna do it kinda has me by the short hairs. Since they've tuned it before its cheaper to go back to em than it would be to go elsewhere, its usually around $250 or so. What cylinder heads were you running when you made 312?
  20. Hm I see. Thanks