v6 dakota VS v6 mustang

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  1. Think my V6 dakota will beat my bro in law's v6 'tang? Dakota has small mods and 'tang has none - dakota is stick, mutang is auto. Both 1998's

    Who will win? BTW my b-i-l is a wuss.....LMMFAO!!
  2. ahaha,, auto 98 V6's are slow... i had one... Would be a good race... I want to see it :rlaugh:
  3. It matters if it can hook or not, and if you can hook. Anything can happen on the street
  4. So that's why you always talk **** eh? :mad:

    Don't know if you can beat him or not (probably could)
  5. I say no, Dakota=the suck. But a 98 auto=the suck!! :nonono: I can vouch for 98's being slow, I have one. Although not stock. Drivers race IMO.
  6. :rlaugh:
  7. the mustang has it, hands down...
  8. i dunno my 93 Dakota is pretty stout up to about 70 then it kinda dies.

    I say run em and find out!!!!
  9. stout huh? ok mr ricer, but mustangs go faster then 70, it's a truck it wieghs a lot more and have only about the same amount of hp as us...
  10. I don't know anything about em, but my gramps bought a '00 V6 Dakota ext. cab brand new and its not "slow" per say. I would probably have a rough time with it cause of how its geared. At 60 its already 2K rpm in OD so you could imagine how fast it'll go through first with that truck-style low gearing. Thats an auto tho.
  11. We never really excelled in English class now did we?
  12. if you can beat a 16.9 you got him beat
  13. I have a 2000 Mustang V6 and I smoke my girlfriends 4.0 Ranger Edge every time. I even drove the Ranger and let her drive the stang and the mustang still won. Rather close up until third gear then I leave the ranger pretty quickly. Mustang has a few mods but nothing major...
  14. Looking.......looking......looking.......nope. I still see no relevence to the thread topic.
  15. I was just explaining that I raced my mustang against a V6 truck. No relevence??? Oh you mean **relevance** check your spelling moron. Do you have anything better to do with your time besides checking to see if posts are relevant?
  16. No I dont. Sorry for the misspelling. I dont normally do that. Care for another shot at trying to piss me off? :) How about insulting my car. Try that one.
  17. :lol: Now THAT is funny!!! :rlaugh: :D

    Doc :flag: