v6 dual exhuast advice

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  1. i current have true duel flowmaster 40 series on my 01 v6 stang with the stock y pipe, stock converters and headers, the piping is 2.25" . I am not that pleased with the sound. Does anyone know if i went to the gt H pipe set up would the sound deepen at all (close to that of the gt)? is flowmaster better than mac exhuast? also if i got the H pipe set up and went with 2.50" piping would that increase sound any? would i have back pressure problems becasue someone told me back pressure is a myth and thats why im considering going with larger pipes
  2. Backpressure is true, if you went with 2.5" piping, you would loose force due to loss of the scavenging effect (as the exhaust comes out, the pressure differences pull the exhaust out of the cylinder reducing how much the engine has to work) and it really wont be any different. Unless you plan on pushing 250rwhp or more out of your car later, then go with 2.5" to prepare but it will loose that force. What I have heard is Magnaflows or Magnapacks, they apparently sound really good and are really loud, and don't get as raspy at high RPMs. An H pipe setup would deepen the tone some, but at high RPMs, it doesn't work anymore so you are stuck where you started. Another thing I have heard of is go with High Flow cats and put a straight thru resonator such as the ones made by Magnaflow, they do not restrict your exhaust and deepen the sound alot. One complaint about the Flows is at high RPMs and dispite the Flowmaster name, they are not the master of flow at all. Magnaflows are straight through design to lessen restriction which makes them louder, and they rely on the theories of sound waves themselves to get the deep tone that people want instead of throwing some V shaped objects to break the sound and merge it.


    heres a thread on 3.8mustang with the same problem as you, plus they have a thread full of exhaust opinions.
  3. hey thanks that was real helpful, i dont kno much about exhuast , ware is the resignator located on the mustangs actually a kid with a civic told me to take out the resignator but then someone told me mustangs dont have them
  4. No, mustangs don't have resonators. If you want to add one, it would be between the cats and the muffler, but in order to add them you would need high-flow cats on both sides and straight pipes, no crossover like H or X pipes. Adding a straight through tuned resonator will deepen the tone without restrictions and without loosing volume. If you really want a deep, aggresive tone that are loud, get Magnapack muffers, they are just a straight through designed muffler that uses a specific size of tubing to reflect sound waves around and create the tone that is wanted. I want some lol. http://www.magnaflow.com/01american.asp Magnaflow's website.
  5. he's right about the magnaflows.. i have them on my 97 v6 with an x-pipe 2.25" pipes, and the sound is great, especially when you open it up
  6. I have a V6 with custom h-pipe and it sounds no where near as throaty as my dad GT. To get the sound you really want you should change the cams and get your head ported that'll get you a really nice sound If you go with a 9:1 compresion ratio you'll get a great sound I wouldn't do much more then that unless you want to make your car a track car only. It'll get to loud to be on the road.
  7. Back in High school I had a 98 v6, which I put true duals on, and greatly looked into before doing so.

    A couple pointers to a throaty v6 exhaust:

    -Chambered mufflers. Straight-throughs or 1-chambers won't sound good. Flowmaster original 40's will magnify the v6's sound greatly.

    -You can keep the stock cats. Have the shop cut your exhaust back to the last cat on each side. Then run 2 1/2 inch pipe on each side into the 40's.

    -Out of the mufflers, run 3 inch tails from the muffler to the bumper. They will magnify the sound even more.

    -I did this, and it barked big time over every other v6 I ever ran into.
  8. did you have problems with back pressure? ive hear if you go over 2.25" you will have back pressure in which you loose power , some say thats a myth some say its true but i never met anyone who had bigger pipes than 2.25 let me know if you had back pressure. Would this set up just make the raspyness louder or would the sound actually deepen. The problem I want to get rid of is the raspyness at high rpms, sounds ricey to me
  9. 1) 2.5 inch from the stock converters back is perfect becasue it gives you a more throaty sound with the 2.5 inch pipe, but you have to leave on the stock converters, which provide pleanty of back pressure, and the right amount of back pressure. If you go from 4 cats down to 2 (one high-flow cat per side) and you run 2.5 inch pipe, you will definatly loose lots of low end, not having enough back pressure. Go 2.5 after the stock cats.

    2) It will not be raspy. I wish you could hear my old 98. It was throaty, deep, and the mufflers would never pop or sound ghetto. It doesn't sound like a GT, but it definatly sounds better than your normal v6 w/a cat-back. It will sound somewhere between a normal v6 cat-back, and a GT, which is as good as it gets for stock motored 3.8's. There is also a break-in period. Once the mufflers are broken in, it will sound better.

    Let me know if you have any more questions about it.

    And BTW, DO NOT get the delta flows. If you want it to sound the best, you need the ORIGINAL flowmaster 40's. Delta's sound craptacular.
  10. For a completely stock V6, you want 2-2.25" dual exhaust, somewhat modified about 2.25 is good, but if you go all out then you need bigger. But with 2.5" duals, it just shifts the power higher up. In some cases it good be good, like when you race and shift the rpms goto 3000, you want your power 3000-5500 or where ever you shift. 2.5" moves the power into a range you wont fully take advantage of.

  11. This is usually true, but believe me, 4 cats with 2.25 pipe between them is pleanty of back pressure. 2.5 inch pipe AFTER that will not take away low end, and will help magnify the throatyness of the exhaust.
  12. Yeah, that is true. Plus if I remember right, with flowmasters and all stock cats, it's a good idea to have a slight bit bigger size because the backpressure those create by themselves. I know the size after the muffler makes very little to no difference because most of the pressure is caused by the mufflers and cats. And as far as the popping, with the mufflers from a Mach I, I only hear a pop when revving in neutral, but never when driving.

    And as far as the sizing changing the tone, larger should deepen it. Rice sounds the way it does because it really is small exhaust and the design of the headers, most of the time, up till the "muffler" which for them acts as a loud speaker, amplifying the ugly sound.
  13. i dont know much about exhaust systems but if I went with the larger piping from the converters to the muffler would i need new mufflers or could i keep my current flow 40's?, if i do need new mufflers do you guys recommend the magnapack mufflers or sticking with flowmaster? would I get my moneys worth if i added long tube headers (for sound not performance) . Also i have a stock y pipe, would going with an x or h pipe help the sound?
  14. Changing the Y-Y pipes to an H or X or even straight pipes will make some difference sound and performance wise, but I don't know exactly how much sound wise. And if you haven't had the flows on very long, give them a couple months because they have to break in. Once any muffler breaks in, they get louder and deeper. But if you do go bigger piping, you do have to change the muffler, in which you could get Flowmasters, Magnaflows, or even Force mufflers which are just cheap, good chambered mufflers.
    those are the Offset/Offset mufflers that would fit the Mustang, just pick if you would want 2.5" or 2.25" piping, that part is really your decision. Really, the best sound you could possibly get requires ported heads and intake with a cam, but the costs of that really add up high.
  15. Thanks for al lyour help , do you guys know if the flowmaster super 40's sound better than the original 40's, the tech guys at flowmaster say you will get raspyness with the original 40's but a deeper tone with the super 40's, is this true? also as far as the break in period, The true duel exhuast system was put in this past october but i keep the car garaged in the winter mostly and only put 1,000 miles on it since october, should it be broken in by now? how much rougly would it cost to get the heads ported
  16. Don't know how long the break in period is for mufflers. Ported heads alone wont help much, cams ($275-ish+a hefty install cost) change it the most, but usually when you get a performance cam, people port the heads and intake all to match and get the most gains out of everything. Supersixmotorsports.com PowerPak Stage 2 is $1800.
  17. The break in period for all car parts as long as they a properly installed is about the length of the drive way of the shop you get it done at. Break in periods don't really exist in modern cars. If your working on old cars it takes while.
  18. unless you have glasspacks.. vroom vroom
  19. Well no one should ever put glass packs on a mustang. It's wrong.
  20. true story