v6 dual exhuast advice

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  1. what do you mean by glass packs:shrug:
  2. its basically a straight through muffler lined with pieces of fiberglass that make it extremely loud, and the longer you have them the louder they get, becasue the pieces break off.. only sounds good on trucks or big v8's
  3. Magnapacks are a variation of Glasspacks, it's just they change something (possibly the width of the tube inside, I dunno) which causes the sound waves to bounce off and around, muffling the sound and creating a deep low tone, yet still being loud and aggressive.
  4. i didnt know that.. hows it sound on a v6
  5. yea does anyone know how the magnapacks or glass packs would sound on a v6 , better than flow's original 40 series? A tech guy at flowmaster told me the super 40's sound better than the original 40 series, is this true as well?
  6. put in a v8.. then you might like the sound retard
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  10. I dont get this whole losing pressure non-sense...I have a 2002 Mustang V6 with a offroad X-Pipe with 2.5 inch piping and a GT Cat-back for now...and theres def. a lot better acceleration...and this was before my MAC cold air intake...and I just installed a Steeda Tri-Ax short throw shifter so I wouldn't know how that would feel with stock exhaust but its a good shifter as well...but like i said I can feel the car going better then stock...but unless u can dyno with and with cats on the Xpipe i guess u cant tell if your losing power...but for those who say its not better then stock that ive seen post they're wrong
  11. Well, the idea of good backpressure applies to a certain range of RPM, or well exhaust flows to be specific. Exhaust is a high pressure gas, so when it is released it creates a pressure wave. The theory is you want that wave to move at a specific speed so that the trough of this pressure wave, or the lowest pressure possible, is where the exhaust valve is located. Because a high pressure tries to equalize out low pressure, the high pressure exhaust that is now exitted is thus pulled towards the lower pressure, so instead of the piston having to push the exhaust out, the forces of nature do it for the engine, thus putting more power to the ground. It's actually a highly provable theory, just none of us people with V6's have enough money to sit there to gain flow charts of each car. Now once you start making more exhaust (increased air and increased fuel in each cylinder making more hp), then you need a bigger exhaust pipe to keep that range of effective "Scavenger Effect" inside the "Power Band" which is somewhere between 3200 and redline (5500) for our cars.

    Now for why you feel some effect with 2.5" is because it flows well and the piston does less work when it does have to push it out, but the effective scavenger effect occurs much higher so in certain ranges, each size will have it's benifits.
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