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  1. i have a friend that has a '99 v6 stang, she wants to put the magno flow dual exahust system on her car. will she have to cut the bumper for the tail pipes or is it a direct fit? any help ??

    here is the link to the exhuast system she is buying.......

  2. they can be angled downwards to clear the rear bumper cover. not a problem!
  3. Does anybody possibly have this done to their car or have a pic of a stang which has the exhaust like this? I'm just wondering if it is going to look goofy.
  4. dont have a pic, but ive seen it, and yes it looks goofy. get a GT rear bumper or do side exhaust
  5. i don't think it looks goofy at all. i have a gt bumper but only because of chance (good deal).
  6. Well I just ordered the exhaust off ebay for 345.00 w/ free shipping. I think I'm going to try and attempt to cut my own hole for the pipes. I found a site about it...
  7. the larger the tips, the goofier it willl look, esp. when you look at them from the sides. if you dont plan on a GT bumper, get smaller tips and just buy the mufflers, and have a good shop custom pipe the setup. and the bigger you go, the more your going to have to worry about scraping everywhere.
  8. what about dumps? would those work?
  9. I just ran my tips out lower, the BEST thing to do for looks is make sure the tips are like 20 inches long at least, www.rodshopperformance.com sells really high quality Stainless tips in polished, I got the 22 by 2.5 inch tips. and angle them slightly up, so that the down grade of the rear bumper as it goes toward the tires doesnt make the tips (that usually are level to teh ground out) look angled down, a slight up angle rake looks really good sets the its off nicly, an exhaust shop can fab this up in no time and for really cheap.
  10. Here's a couple crappy pics (i don't seem to ever take good ones) of my car. You can kind of see how the exhaust is with the stock bumper cover. It doesn't look bad, but I'd rather have the GT bumper cover anyway. Soon...


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  11. heh us 94-98 guys are lucky seeing as how not even gt's had dual cut outs...
  12. doesn't look that bad having them under the bumper.. heres my car

  13. Doesn't Mustangworld have something about cutting them out of a V6 bumper? I'm too lazy to look, but I think I saw it there.
  14. Actually, I didn't get my tips put on the same time as my exhaust so I just had the pipes coming straight out the back for a while. Reminded me of the 94-98 GT and it didn't look half bad.
  15. I would go with flowmaster! * but thats me
  16. It took 3 1/2 hours to complete the job. (That includes the trip to home depot in the middle of everything to get new blades for the sawzol(sp?) when my old exhaust pipe killed the old blade. And the stop to pick up some beer to celebrate when the job was finished. :nice:
    Here is the finished work...
    You can see I took the approach of sticking with the stock bumper. And I needed no shims after all.
    All is good and I'm going to get it welded up today! :D Thanks everybody for helping with my questions.
  17. those tips stick out to far try to scoot them back under the bumper a bit and angle them up a tad so they dotn look pointed down due to the stock rear bumper curves toward the tire.
  18. the systems that are specifically designed for the v6 dont need shims