V6 for Son in Law

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  1. I have a son in law that is a very good father and husband to my youngest daughter. I would like to get him a V6 Mustang. I don't want him to get hurt in a high powered Mustang. I just ordered 6 427 r's for me and my brothers and a friend. Do you think that he will be happy with the power of the V6 stang? I don't want to see hi: m get hurt... FLflag:
  2. i think if hes a adult he can handle the power of a v8. now if hes a 17 or 18 year old kid hed probably be stupid with more power. the v6 is comparible to mid late 90s v8. only off by about 50hp. you get almost that with a tune cai and exhaust. im extemely happy with mine with thos few mods. also was in stock form, but i also got that after owning a focus. whats he drive now?
  3. I bought my 17-year old son an '05 V6 for graduation. It's got plenty of power, more than enough to get in trouble with, but my son is pretty damn responsible and I'm not concerned about him doing something stupid with it. You can get hurt in Geo Metro if you're careless. I guess it all boils down to the maturity level of the driver.

  4. With bolt ons these cars run 14's, which is very respectable for any car. He should be very happy with it.
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  6. Thanks guys, he's pretty responsible. But I know I'm a power junky. I go high 8's on my bike @ 175 mph..... FL
  7. 6 427's:jaw: !!!!!! OH MAN i wish i was your friend. I mean he should be happy with any car that's given to him, but i mean if you and all your friends and family have the v8's and he has the v6 he might think that you don't trust him enough or think he's responsible enough. I think he'd be way more happy with a v8 (GT) and not think of it as he's not responsible etc.:shrug:
  8. Well I may let him have a V8, I really just don't want him to get hurt. He's 26 so maybe he will be ok with it. But I'm not giving him a 427 hp car to start out with. I think he would like a high powered stereo system more than the Horse Power........ FL
  9. Will you be my Daddy?
  10. I have 3 son in laws and 2 of them are about worthless..... FL
  11. hey 1 out of 3 aint bad. well it is just trying to make you feel better lol.
  12. buy my 2000 V6 so i can go get a CO '04 Cobra and be a slave to a car payment for eternity, lol.

    all kidding aside, im 30 and i like my 6er for the most part. If he is 26 and a decent driver but not a speed junky, get him a sixer. If he's an irresponsible driver like i was until a few years ago, get him a Neon :)

    Better yet, if you trust him enough, HELP him get a car, don't just buy one for him... make him earn it, but help him if you don't mind risking your credit.

    <start rant>
    Forgive me for sounding like a moron here, but MOST OF the "kids these days" that have everything handed to them will never grow up to be responsible adults. I have worked hard at every job I have ever had - just to pay my car payments, insurance, household bills, etc... MOST people that get stuff without having to make payments or save up for stuff NEVER really appreciate the stuff they have.
    <end rant>
  13. Even tho you said don't get mad at you , this isnt the case for everyone. I was given my car for a late birthday present and i love it.... I wash it every week , don't drive it like a idiot , i respect my car and its apart of me.. Not saying your not correct but there are a few people that do take car of there stuff even tho it was given to them. I don't mean to bash you just thought i would express my opinion.
  14. dont mean to steal the thread here, but i just wanted to agree with the above, and apologize for not specifically saying that there are exceptions. I give respect to you if you are one of them. Sounds like you have a responsible and appreciative head on your shoulders. Kudos :banana:
  15. Yes i do very much , its all good , i hear it all the time you don't deserve the car blah blah. But i think i do , i've gotten good grades never been in trouble , and have yet to have a ticket and i've had the car for 1 year 5 months. Other than the a$$hole that egged my car its a great looking machine.
  16. Didn't want to say anything, but can't keep my mouth shut. I know many, many good people who have gotten good grades, always did what was right, never got in trouble and have never had a new car, new house or anything else. They paid for everything they have and it was never new.
    I don't think I would say "I deserve" this. You are darn lucky, not necessarily deserving.
  17. Well I set him down and we had a good talk. Were going to get him a 427rousch. He promised he wouldn't race it and he also said if I got him the 427r he would quit smoking..... FL

  18. If I start smoking and then quit, will you get me one?
  19. :flag: :flag:

    Heheheheh, no I don't think so, I have already spent too much money and still haven't picked up the 2 new 1340 Busa's yet..... FL:flag:
  20. Got any other daughters looking for a husband?