V6 Fox Upgrades

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  1. I have a 84 Notchback & want a little more pep out the 6 banger.I'm thinking duals with a nicer cam shaft & shaving the heads just a bit to raise compression. Also will the rotors & calibers from a SVO fit on standard 4 lug spindles.
  2. I'm not sure if you'll be able to find much help on the 6-cylinder on these forums but what you've noted is probably a good start (3.3L?) The SVO rotors are 5-lug - there is plenty of info about a 5-lug swap on this site and over at turboford.org.
  3. 3.8 V6 efi with auto trans
  4. Same family of engines that ran from '94-'04 in the Mustang?
  5. Nope wish it was
  6. Ah, ok. Post some pics and let us know your progress.
  7. 256 or 262 cam with roller rockers....
  8. Those were CFI...similar to the 5.0/auto in the pre-'86 cars. Not much out there to upgrade them I don't think.
  9. I read you can change out the green top injectors for blue tops but will run rich.