V6 Gas Mileage? Exaust?

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  1. Hi folks, i just bought a 2001 Ford Mustang bas model, the previous owner put on the V8 dual exaust and it sounds pretty good. Anyhow msn autos says i should be getting 20city and 29mpg freeway. I expected to get around 24-25 since i commute to work, but i am actually getting about 17-18!!! Anyone have any input on this issue? Do you think the exaust might cause this? I am driving it pretty nice and try to keep the rpm's around 1500-2500 under normal driving conditions.. the car only has 24,000 miles on it so i would think it shouldnt need a tune up. anyhow any ideas or comments would be helpful. Thanks
  2. I just changed my plugs after 85,000 miles and before that I was getting 25 mpg - Sorry but I don't know enough to comment on your exhaust question but how could that make your mpg worse??
  3. Msn autos is :bs: They're wrong. 16-17 is what you should be getting city and I'm not so sure about highway but around 20-23?
  4. you would think that the tech specs would be right. We used to own a 95 taurus with a 3.8l v6 and it got around 30 on the freeway.. I am still thinking something is wrong. I beleive hyundai just got reamed for lying about their gas mileages so i would assume if ford is lying this bad they would also be ridiculed, i mean 29 on tech spec compared to actual 20mpg?.....
  5. My 2000 Mustang V6 (93k miles) gets around 16-21 mpg. If I really want to, I can get the gas mileage to be 21 if not more. Keep low rpms and let the car cruise in neutral when possible. But it's boring, I like accelerating fast and making the car sound mean, so my mpg varies. Ford did not lie about the 20mpg city, cause it's very possible to get that, if not more.

    The exhaust may or may not have an effect on your mpg. When I had a fake dual exhaust installed, I did not see an improvement in gas mileage. I did see a decrease cause I usually go hard on the gas cause I like the sound of the new exhaust system.

    Just check the spark plugs, fuel filter, tire pressure, etc... just to be sure.
  6. I get about 20 city/highway. I figured it should be a little better so I replaced the fuel filter, bought some bosch platinum 2 plugs, put on a CAI, bought some UD pulleys (For performance but they are supposed to help gas too) and I still get around 18-20mpg. If I drive it easy I can pull 23 or 24. I love the sound of my duals though so I usually get on it and get around 19 or 20.
  7. Are you sure the exhaust is the only mod? If they changed throttle bodies or messed with the tuning, the computer could be sending more gas into the engine than it normally would. A bad O2 sensor might cause the same problem, which would suck cause that will lead to catalyst problems if it's not taken care of.
  8. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Are you sure the exhaust is the only mod? If they changed throttle bodies or messed with the tuning, the computer could be sending more gas into the engine than it normally would. A bad O2 sensor might cause the same problem, which would suck cause that will lead to catalyst problems if it's not taken care of.[/QUOTE]

    Yes im pretty sure there are no other mods, there isnt even a cold air intake yet. What do you normally get with your 01 V6? I know he changed out the stock exaust with the stock GT dual exaust. Now correct me if im wrong but the stock exaust would have only had one O2 sensor down below but the GT has dual so im assuming it would need to be wired differently? So do you think the guy might have wired it wrong? If you know how it should be wired or connected let me know. But like i said other than the exaust and different rear bumper thats it. I know he put new springs and shocks in to lower the car 1.5 inches, and it currently has cobra wheels on it. I just had the car jacked up last weekend to replace the back up light switch and i did notice some damage on one of the cats.. scratches and dents from who knows where. Anyhow I have talked to others and they say if i drive nice and mostly do freeway driving i should easily be able to get around 26-27mpg, which im still pretty far from.

    thx guys
  9. You should get better than 16-17 with your car. I get about 16 mpg combined city and highway with a 10-year-old 302, through an aode, with a lead foot.

    My old 98 v6 would get about 20 mpg city and highway combined, which is what you should get. I drove it from Sacramento down to LA, all freeway, and got HIGH 20's.

    My friend drives his bone stock 5-spd '02 v6 down from Chico State and gets 29mpg on the highway every trip.
  10. I usually get less than 20 mpg unless I'm mostly on the highway. I tend to like flooring it... the exhaust sounds so good I just can't help it... If I don't hear that baby roar for too long I get the shakes...

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  11. i run my 2000 v6 pretty hard in town and not very much at all on the highway and get an average of 20-22
  12. I have an 03 auto, and I'm an aggressive driver... I get about 18-19 city (Seattle driving), and about 25-27 highway.... check sig for mods.
  13. Hmm that sounds consistent with what i have been reading.. I should be getting a lot better than what i am, i am almost at half a tank right now with the trip OD reading 100miles. I will try better spark plugs and add the CAI to work with the GT exaust install. I will just pick up the kit from ebay, but which filter should i get? i have see the ones with just a cap on the top and other that have another hole in the top of the filter that goes down into it, It looks like it would suck more air but then again who knows.. I noticed the K&N filters just have a cap.
  14. Heh I get 16-17 from my 300cid I6 f-150 XLT.
  15. In my 98 v6 I get about 23-24 mpg city. I have a gt takeoff system on mine as well, and an ebay cai, but thats it. It is a 5-speed and therefore I can control the engine to my liking a little better, imo.
  16. My MPG

    I have a 2000 v6 5 - Speed with dual exhaust. i drove around with a P0411 DTC forever and i was getting about 17 - 18mpg. i have now finally fixed that problem and hope to be getting even better since i will be able to pass emission inspection. i had high hydrocarbons and such before.
  17. My 98 v6 mustang gets 22 city, and the best i've gottn highway is 29, but that was once, but some things i would check to get better gas milage is turn off the a/c, don't run more than 70 mph, and keep all ur tires aired up and at the same pressure. other than that, its an issue with the car itself if it doesn't get better
  18. I have an 01 V6 with duals back from the wye, and even with occasional immature driving I'm routinely getting 24-26 MPG.

    Replace your air filter, check your plugs, clean your MAF, and change your front O2 sensors if they're original.