V6 goes 11's!

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  1. 11s? Do you have a roll bar?
  2. congrats on the 11 sec times. any ideas on pricing for the '05 GT and V6 turbo kits?
  3. Contact me directly for pricing and availability.

    We are using the stock fuel pump (same as v8), and cobra injectors, with a KB BAP
  4. Ahh, thanks. What is a KB BAP??? :shrug:
  5. <---has the BAP on order for my 03 already.
  6. Got some big plans for it?
  7. define big? haha. Lookin for a 10.8 daily driven car (kb 2.2, intake, exhaust, etc).
  8. Sweet! Then you can buy the Powerhouse turbo and have a 11.8 daily driver V6! :nice:
  9. haha, na, that would be way down the road, for now a 10 sec daily driver cobra is more fun than an 11 sec v6.
  10. Guess who got a ride in an 11 second, single turbo V6 car today? hehehe...
  11. Maaan, you get to have all the fun. :Damnit:
  12. wtf, imma kick ur ass scrming lol
  13. V611Sec.jpg

    Sorry for the delay guys, but we were away from the shop over the weekend, hence the “out of town track”.
    If you look at the timestamp on the timesheets you will realize that the runs are nearly back to back with little or no cooldown. Basically what ever we received while waiting in the staging lanes.

    The dyno sheet is From Alternative Auto in Mt Clemons MI.
    We opt for “third party” dyno results for the simple reason of authentication, which would be mostly for any disbeliever’s claims of poorly adjusted or “tuned dynos”. The afr on the above pull was 11.5:1
    We use the 104 octane Sunoco GT unleaded race fuel for the sake of safety and repeatability, especially this time of year where different types of pump fuels will begin to surface with antifreeze/antigels, which isn’t available in the summer months.
    This car has the stock shortblock, and hope to use it for some time, I would rather not loose a motor to a gas station diluting their fuels in efforts to generate more profit, a conspiracy theory, yes, but I am sure that it has been done.

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  14. Fazm, get in line for scrming... that fuggers mine first!

    And hooooooooooly cow at that dyno........ :Teh-Win:
  15. wow that is some serious power. Very nice guys,

  16. Bring it one boys! hehehehhe... :Track:

    I tell you guys, after riding in Mike's car... well I'm going to have to do some very serious thinking this winter... My Zex now seems like... well... crapola

    Anyone got spare room to rent when Mrs. Scrming boots me to the curb! LOL
  17. i got a spare room if you got a spare turbo haha
  18. Id like to see some numbers using 93 Octane, something we can get at the pumps. If I have to run 100+ octane all the time its soo not gonna be worth it =\ I think we all need to know the reliability from "over-the-pump" gases. I know Id wanna know before making that kind of investment anyway.
  19. The way I read it, it wasn't the octane of the gas he was concerned with but the contaminants. I'm sure the kit will be designed around a 93 octane tune.