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  1. I'm looking at upgrading the grille on my 06 V6 vert pony, and I have a few ideas of what I want but I don't know if what I want even exists. Can I buy the grille from the pony package without buying the harness and switch? The same goes for the gt foglight grilles that fit the v6 bumper. I could care less if the lights work or not, I just want them there for looks. Also, does anyone make a billet grille for the v6 like cervini's eleanor kit? Its a solid billet grille with the running pony emblem in the corner. I really like that one. Finally, where could I get the classic retro grille that has no lights but has the chrome circle around the pony and the plain chrome bars like a 65'?

    Thanks in advance, I'm weighing all of my options, I can't handle the bland black grille much longer.
  2. Yes to all of that. There are many, many options. Check the sponsors of this site. Look at E-bay. I upgraded mine to a GT grille with working foglights. You will find all you need on E-bay at a reasonable price. That was a year ago and there are many more options now. You can even get a grille that resembles the grill used on the Shelby GT to fit your V6.
    Just do some looking.
    If I had it to do over again, I probably would buy the grille that looks like the Shelby GT.
  3. Many, MANY options are available!

    just go for it!
  4. This style works 4 me....


  5. go to ponybuilder.com and you can see alot of possibilities for grill, hoods, wheels, lowering springs, etc.

    I like the Eleanor grill with the GT size lights close together in the center. Like the white car above, that is a killer look.
  6. I like the black billet look


  7. Try www.mossmustang.com ! Thats where I got my Heritage Custom Grille. You can get it with or without the fogs but a very retro look. I get tons of comps on mine! Good luck!
  8. love the look, I too have the satin silver and Bullitt wheels. What lowering springs did you use ? That's just about exactly the height I want for mine. Nice car.
  9. GT swaybars and Roush rear springs to level the stance.
    Don't forget to add some "go" to back up the look. :D :D

  10. I have the Pony pkg, and the GT handling package with the GT Bullitt wheels. I understand the GT sway bar comes with ? The Roush springs I saw on their website said for GT's. I'm assuming this is the same one you have ? Where did you buy your Roush rear springs ?

  11. Gray ~~~~That is one awesome six~~~!!!

    I installed the same louvers on my six. ( I miss him ). :(
  12. Thanks Jennifer! The louvers are going soon, I have a set of silverhorse racing paint to match ready to install.
  13. Hey man I have a pretty nice grill set up with foglights. I will get pics soon for you. I have a black mesh grill.

  14. cool, let's see it, I'm still gathering ideas for my little stang

  15. Ken the springs GT/V6 are the same. They will work if this is even the question....lol
  16. yea, sort of the question, my actual question was; where did you buy just the rear springs ? Or did you ? I don't want the hassle of replacing the fronts and I like the height. But the tail sits ass high. So I wanted to drop it just enough to level the car. Thanks, Ken
  17. the Roushe rear springs DO level out the car perfectly / that's what I put on mine

    picked them up from Summit Racing.

  18. sweet, that's what I was looking for, appreciate the help amigo.
  19. I have a pony package, and was wondering if there were grilles that exist where I could keep the pony package lights and the pony emblem, but remove the bar around the lights and the emblem. I've searched a few sites and could only find grilles designed for the GT lights. Help?
  20. What is the make of your chin spoiler and where did you get it?