V6 in Houston

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  1. Anybody around here from Houston? iv been wanting to join a crew of v6 mustangs in the houston area but so far ive only found V8..Anybody know of any?
  2. The wifey has a V-6 Ranger Edge - does that count ?

    My cars have either an 8 or a 4, or I can't help ya there.

    Well, other than a bump ! :nice:

    I know there is a Westside Mustang Club - you might try checking them out.

    Good Luck !

  3. hahaha no that doesnt count

    thanks ill check them out see if they got anything i can tag along with
  4. Well I am not in any club but have a V-6 2001 mustang. Along with 87-93 V8 and 4 cylinder mustangs.


  5. well i wouldnt mind joining a crew or club or something of V8s just that the V8 people always think there full of it bc they got more HP..i just want a group of mustang that enjoy their cars and having a good time know what i mean..nothing like seing a bunch of mustang rolling out together
  6. If you found one, let me know. I'm in Houston and wouldn't mind doing the same.
  7. yupp i you find let me know also i drive a 03 v6 silver stang not really into racing since is a v6 just like to show off the car lol
  8. Sorry fellas still no sign of a club or crew.