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  1. Hello all,

    So I'm planning to get a GT x pipe and borlas. I was wondering what's a list of the best bang for your buck bolt ons. I've heard 4.10 gears, intake, TB, things like that. Which specific ones should I be looking at?



    (2005 stock v6, auto)
  2. Gears, will probably give you the best bang for your buck(though no horsepower actually gained).

    Next, I'd say a tune would give a solid power increase for your money.

    The exhaust, which you said you're going to change, can help the engine breathe alot better.
  3. Do you think the $600 pypes mid dual system is worth the price?
  4. Thank you for that informative post
  5. I'll elaborate:

    There is NO aftermarket exhaust system for a V6 Mustang that is worth $600 in performance unless you're talking about something used for the installation of a turbo kit.

    The OEM system does a damned goo job already. My guess... you will lose performance with a dual system or gain nothing at all except noise.
  6. Now thank you for that, that post was what I was looking for haha though it goes against most of everything else I've read for v6 exhausts.
  7. Most of what you read about V6 exhausts, comes from exhaust manufacturers who are trying to sell exhaust systems. A good majority of the rest comes from boy racers who swear that their obnoxious sounding weed whackers will run 10s all day long.

    Where you begin seeing real performance improvements with exhaust work on a V6, are AFTER other modifications have been done. Things like tune, forced induction, gearing, removal of inlet restrictions etc. Once you start approaching the limit of the OEM exhaust's ability to pull burned combustion from the motor, is when you'll start seeing more effect from an exhaust.

    IMO, the exhaust system on V6 should be one of the last things to worry about unless you're going for aesthetics or just want to make more noise.