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  1. Hey AM,

    I've been browsing your site and I'm planning on getting an intake and a dual exhaust conversion for my 05 V6 auto. Also planning to get a tuner as well. What are the next steps for some streetable power after that? This is a daily drive car that every now and then runs up into the canyons and I may want to drag once I get some parts on her. Is upgrading to 4.10s a good option with those mods? I'm completely new to Mustangs but I really like your site and prices.


  2. Check this place out for parts for your 4.0, http://www.newtakeoff.com/

    If you really want to get more power out of the car, you should think about upgrading to the 8.8 rear end with a LSD and your going to have to upgrade the suspension. I had a 2008 4.0 and I looked into all of this and there are some people out there that really get into modifying their V6 Mustangs. Check out some of the V6 forums, lots of people running Prochargers, Vortex, and Explorer Express superchargers. The SC route is the only way that the 4.0 is going to make any real power.
  3. Thanks for that site! Those prices are amazing! I'll definitely have to use them once I get going on this. As far as upgrading to GT parts, is it possible for the brakes and suspension from a GT to a fit on a v6? I'm coming from an 08 Focus so the power upgrade is definitely not the biggest concern, just wanting something a little more and different from the millions of other stangs in socal haha
  4. Here is a brake upgrade kit: http://www.cjponyparts.com/front-disc-brake-upgrade-kit-v6-12.4-rotors-2005-2010/p/M2300D/
    As to the suspension, while the GT stuff will fit, I think that have different tuning. The two car have different weights, weight balance, and I am pretty sure that Ford has different shock settings and spring weights for the two cars. FRPP sells kits for the V6, as well as a plethora of companies like Eibach. Both of which I have heard good things about.
    I looked into all of this when I had a V6 :)
  5. I like it haha it's not even officially mine yet but my mom has been enjoying the more comfortable ride of my Focus, she's got a really weird pain thing that Drs haven't been able to nail down for a few years now. Just trying to plan for the eventuality :) haha What do you think of the FRPP power kit on AM? It's the frpp dual conversion and cai + tuner for somewhere near 8-900? I want an exhaust to sound good at WOT but I'm so sick of drone from my Focus that I want it quiet while cruising haha