v6 mustang auto vs hyundai?

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  1. Just got my new Motor Trend magazine. Apparently the new sonata GLS runs the quarter mile in 15.2 @ 92.5mph. That is pretty insane since its only $21,495. its a 204cid (3.3/3.4 liter) v6 that puts out 235hp and 225lb-ft torque.
    Needless to say, this is shocking to me, and i hope im not the only one.

    Unrelated note, they did an article on the ford gt, corvette z06, and viper srt10. They did dyno results to see how underrated the cars were. The ford GT put down 535rwhp!!! thats equates to 630 flywheel horsepower haha. man thats underrated.

  2. We'll just assume that you are refering to the Ford GT40 and not a Mustang GT :Word: correct?

  3. No i refered to the Ford GT, the GT40 is a very old car :p The new model is only the GT, not the GT40, as it does not stand 40 inches high like the old one, i believe its 43 or 44 inches tall now.
  4. Errr...Saw something similiar on the Sonata and I concur. It is a tad absurd that Hyundai can pump out that HP from their smaller liter displaced engine. But, in engineering Faz, SIZE is not everything, my friend.

  5. Oh i know, good thing girls arent into engineering hahaha.
  6. Yeah, don't try to race an Accord EX if your car is stock either. :lol:
  7. ya, they got 15.1 in the quarter for the auto v6 ex, the 6 speed i think a magazine got 14.5 for, not sure though.
  8. :Zip2: Pfffttttt.... :Word:
  9. just wait till the Hyundai Azerra comes out.

    it replaces the XG350. it will have a 3.8L 263hp DOHC V6 joint venture engine with Mitsu and Chrysler. to be built in the same plants as the new 2.4L I4 Hyundai/Mitsu/Chrysler world engine.

    it is about the same weight as the Sonata so it should be mid to low 14's in the 1/4.

    i sell Hyundai's and let me tell you the sonata runs great. it pretty much smokes the Tiburon. i hope they put the 3.3 or 3.8 in the Tiburon.
  10. Hyundai... Yes, Hyundai..... :shrug:

    I am going to have to put a rush on some more mods, then, because there is NO WAY I can let a Hyundai beat me at the next light.... The therapy bills alone would end me.... What's next, a 300 HP KIA? :rolleyes:
  11. How is 30hp going to take off a full second in the quarter mile? The new hyundai will probably run similar times, maybe a 15 flat.

    As far as gettin beat by one, i dont have to worry bout that now, plus i paid less for my mustang, then the base price of the sonata GLS v6
  12. It's getting a bit ridiculous IMOO when every little econobox on the planet has a supped up version that's as fast as many muscle cars. Even the Civic has a version now with 197hp. It wouldn't surprise me to see a 300 hp Kia.:shrug:

    Maybe Chrysler should put out a 100 hp Viper that gets 35 mpg. Maybe that'll even things up a bit.
  13. It's true, more and more imports are comming stock with good HP. But it's just not a simple matter of which car has more HP. My focus is more on TQ which is what gets good 1/4 times. Most asian imports HP is on the high end. Our cars have a good bit of TQ at 240 and it is not difficult to get it up from there. The car you mention is .1 second faster in the 1/4 mile.....nothing I would be worried about, you could outdrive them...or a tune will easily overtake them. Take a look at the engine, the internals, etc. Take a look at the market for parts. I'm not worried about this car and when it comes down to it, there are so many fast cars out there, hell...look at some of these suv's making sick horsepower. Look at our powerband, 240 at 3500 RPM, there is a ton of potential there. Our cars are torque happy!

    Just my two cents! I'm not losing sleep over this one.
  14. rygen - I like you! :) (No E-humping...just appreciate the intellect, Sir.) Hmmmm...
  15. Get a room! :D
  16. hhahhahahah Excepcion you dabble with my appreciation too. Your future shopping list of mods for one. :)
  17. Torque = acceleration
    HP = speed

    Unfortunately HP is what sells cars these days
    Im not sayin the hyundai is a better car, nowhere close. Just sayin that would suck for some guy in his v6 auto that didnt know, and got beat.

  18. Wow, thank you...from a moderator that is a big deal. :nice:

  19. Very true, that is why my shift points have been firmed up with my tune. :D
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