v6 mustang auto vs hyundai?

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  1. Hyundai will be bringing it's Asia Only market Dynasty model to the US in Mid 2007.

    it will be a full size with a 335 hp RWD V8 and the 3.8L 263hp as a base engine

    the New Azera will run mid to low 14's. it compares quite nicely with the nissan maxima 3.5 SE which commonly runs low 14's
  2. So you are saying that it will be as fast or faster then the 6MT eclipse with the same engine and same power output even though its most likely heavier and will sport an automatic?

    Side note, my brother in law has a 3.5 maxima SE auto (similar to the azera if it has the auto) and he runs 15.2s at the track.

  3. If it's heavier with the same power output, how is it going to be faster. Plus this is flywheel HP. I'm willing to bet the eclipse has better capabilites to put power to the ground!

    I heard of the maxima times, I know with the right mods...its a car to be weary of. I don't run into them much, most of what I run into is Civic's with fart can mufflers...and occasionaly a integra engine swap, now the integra engine swap done right in the civic can be impressive.

    If we are talking fast cars, I know of some Audi station wagons that can kick some serious ass.
  4. Ya any car with mods is faster (hopefully) but we are comparing stock cars.

    And im saying that its not goin to be faster, or even as fast. He is saying its going to run low 14s. Thats just half a second away from what most ppl with the gt auto are running, and there is NO WAY it is going to be that fast.
  5. the sonata runs 15.3 with 235hp even car and driver runs that with it

    the Azera (only 150lbs heavier) has 265 hp and will run in the mid 14's no problem. most maximas i have seen run in the mid 14's too. even auto's

    the gearing will be steeper than an eclipse. so it shouldn't be too much slower
  6. 15.2 is motor trends time for the maxima, the best one on the net for the auto i could find was a 15.1. The manual however has no problem running into the 14.6 range. But you are comparing a RWD car to a FWD car (unless they plan on makin the azera rwd too, which i doubt).

    Time will tell, but i really dont see it bein a low-mid 14 second car, 14.9 at best.
  7. maximas are front wheel drive
  8. mustang = rwd which is what this topic is about. I worded that poorly and i realized that now.

    Just dont see how the car with same horsepower, 150 lbs, and an auto can be within .5 seconds of another car, thats all. (eclipse 6MT to azera, just so there is no confusion on that one)
  9. I don't think us v6 guys and gals will have to worry about getting beat by a sonata. I drive them all day.
  10. I know i wont, since im in the 14.7s now lol. Its those stock autos that will have to watch out.